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Nov 5, 2007

Naughty little monkeys

Craig Ferguson is a funny, funny man. His show is pretty much the only new program I've picked up since we brought the scourge of cable into our home. Both Claire and I have become pretty big Ferguson fans since then, and when we got to see him live on Sunday he did not disappoint!

On the off chance that you have no idea who I'm talking about, I seriously recommend tuning in to any one of his nightly monologues on the Late Late Show, or failing that, observing a few of the bazillion clips of his show on YouTube. For my symbolic theoretical money he is the best late-night personality since Carson. (And I mean Johnny, not Daly.)

Our new Ninja Showdown and Dr Crab designs are now available exclusively in black and navy t-shirts, respectively. They, along with all our other shirt designs, can be purchased either individually or in discount custom 3-packs until November 30th.

Sam Logan

Nov 2, 2007

Frisky little badgers

Today is the last day to preorder hoodies and babydolls in our latest shirt designs. It's also the last day for one of the two Dr. Crab t-shirt colours, so if there is one you overwhelmingly prefer, today is the last day you can nab it with surety.

You can also buy other things, if you want! I mean, I can't stop you. (Although I'm not sure why I would want to...)

This weekend Claire and I will be going to see our hero, TV's Craig Ferguson, do a live stand-up act. I'm a big fan of his show, particularly his opening monologues, but I'm eager to see him perform without the constraints of TV. (Whatever they may be!)

Sam Logan

Oct 31, 2007


Happy Halloween, everyone! Storyline considerations stop me from doing seasonal strips, but in a sense, I suppose pretty much any comic with Mr. Sin in it is appropriately creepy for this time of year.

Remember... hoodies and babydolls will only be available in the new shirt designs until Friday. Friday will also be the last day for whichever one of the Dr. Crab t-shirt colours is the least loved.

These shirts go to print next week, so any orders I get now will help greatly when I have to pay off the T-shirt Mafia crime syndicate on Monday. "You wouldn't want to see anything... unfortunate... happen to these shirts, would you?" That was what they said!

Sam Logan