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Last Call, Pt. 16

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Dec 17, 2007

Oh no ogawd

We are rapidly approaching the time of year usually reserved for O-GAWD -- The Obligatory Guest Artist Webcomic Duration, where I take a two-week break and let some of my favourite cartoonists fill in for me.

However, as you can probably tell, we're currently knee-deep in storyline around these parts. So, I've decided to delay our annual guest festivities into next year. Which admittedly messes up the whole "annual" part, but I'm sure no one will notice.

So, "Last Call" will plow on to it's conclusion with relatively few interruptions. That said, don't be surprised if we take a brief pause next week in favour of something more... uh, "seasonal."

Sam Logan

Dec 14, 2007

Life Color

Wednesday's Vancouver trip was enjoyable, as always. Daiso taught us many valuable life lessons -- but perhaps none so important as this one.

T-shirt 3-packs will finally disappear this weekend, so f you were hoping to nab one, act quick.

Sam Logan

Dec 12, 2007

Be forgotten, and don't be reminded

Claire and I are spending the day in Vancouver, taking it easy and doing a little Christmas shopping. First stop, Daiso, the only Canadian branch of Japan's gigantic everything-for-$2 store. I don't know what we will be coming back with, but I'm sure whatever it is will enrich our lives in the way that only random things worth $2 can. For example, these fabulous paper bags. (That photo isn't actually ours -- a quick google search for 'flowing imflowing' revealed that we are only two of many to stumble across these things.)

T-shirt 3-packs will make their oft-delayed final bow on Friday. So, if you were looking to get one and haven't gotten around to it, you still have a couple of days to act. All is not lost!

Sam Logan