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Feb 17, 2003

Poor little Timmy

Addendum: Sam and Fuzzy distracted by lumber sale, orphans drown.

Sam Logan

Feb 14, 2003

I like pie

Actually, I don't like pie. But you should be so lucky if that is the worst lie you ever read on the internet.

There's doin's a transpirin' in the forum these days. Apparently my good buddy Ashton has set up an IRC channel for Sam and Fuzzy afficionados. Ashton, in case you didn't know, is the same fellow who, after receiving my careful instructions and original source code, ripped said code up like the garbage it was and made my website good. While I'm skeptical about the actual level of usage that this IRC channel will recieve, it's still cool to have! Hit the forum for more info.

You may have noticed that I've stopped raving about Top Web Comics lately. Er, not counting today. This is not because I no longer want you to vote! It is because I hate talking about it. It makes me feel like a jackass. You must understand that I am not some raving egomaniac... at least, not regarding this particular matter. The only reason I want Sam and Fuzzy to rank high on TWC is because I want to attract more readers to the site. If you want to help, just click the banner. If not, no worries... this is the last I will speak on the matter here.

You know, unless I change my mind or something.

Sam Logan

Feb 12, 2003

The greatest export of Znorkon 6 is vanity licence plates reading "UR1 STUD"

I love Mr Ackerman. Strips in which he appears really write themselves, and as you can probably tell, I have a blast drawing him.

Sam tired. Too many papers. Trogdor sentences papers to burnination!

Sam Logan