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Last Call, Pt. 28

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Jan 21, 2008

Pushing boundaries

Have you seen Kate Beaton's 20 comics about history and culture? If not, prepare to learn something... like how Canada was transformed from boresville to party country.

Disclaimer: some of these comics may be somewhat impenetrable to the historically disinclined. But hey, anything that might spur you to learn more about Marcel Duchamp has to be good!

Sam Logan

Jan 18, 2008

Ag ag ag ag ag

You know, the more I listen to Spoon's Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga the more I like it. And that's no small feat, considering how many times I've heard it by now. It's still in my regular rotation, months and months after it's release -- I don't think I've listened to a single album so much for so long since I was a junior high student. And back then, I had a much longer attention span (and a total CD library that could fit in a 10 sleeve wallet).

Long-time readers will remember that I used to pick out my ten favourite albums of the year every January. I stopped because I'm indecisive, and it just got to painful to make the hard choices. But still... best album of 2007? Why yes, I think it was!

Sam Logan

Jan 16, 2008


Hey... it looks like there's a flash-based demo online for Apollo Justice, Capcom's follow-up to the Phoenix Wright triology. Now, I recommend these games to anyone and everyone who'll listen, but the fact is, a text-driven adventure game about dueling lawyers can be kind of a hard sell. Will this demo of the first part of the next game do a better job convincing you of this series' greatness? Maybe! I don't actually know myself... I'm holding off until the full game is released!

Sam Logan