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Last Call, Pt. 30

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Jan 25, 2008

Squeaky wheel

Sorry about all the slowness/downtime here on the Sam and Fuzzy website yesterday. We were experiencing some trouble with our server, but I believe things should be back to normal now that we have sufficiently re-caffeinated the hamsters.

On Wednesday my friend John showed me a really wonderful comic. It's called Anders Loves Maria, and it serves up a mix of fluid artwork and almost painfully believable characters. Up until that moment, I'd never heard of it. But in the two days since, I swear, I must have seen it discussed on about twenty different websites. Clearly I have stumbled onto some kind of movement -- a movement of people linking to Anders Loves Maria. And now I am a part of it.

I hope there's a hat or something.

Sam Logan

Jan 23, 2008


Oh, Cloverfield. I'd been looking forward to this movie ever since I saw the trailer last summer. But when I finally got the chance to see it, I had to walk out 20 minutes in. What can I say? The film made me feel ill. Er, literally, I mean.

Yes, apparently shooting an entire monster invasion film from the perspective of a random observer's hand-cam is not just pioneering new levels of immersion... it's also making massive strides in the field of nausea! I've never gotten sick at a movie before, but then again, I've never watched 20 minutes of non-stop shaky cam on a giant screen in a dark room. It was a learning experience!

Now most people, mind you, are not having any problem getting through the film. After all, not everyone is susceptible to this kind of thing! But still, while I was sitting outside waiting for the movie to end, I saw a good 10 or 15 other sick-looking people leave that same theater early. So if you have the same problem when you see it, remember... you are not alone. And as for me... I guess I'll just do my best to dodge spoilers until the DVD release!

Sam Logan

Jan 21, 2008

Pushing boundaries

Have you seen Kate Beaton's 20 comics about history and culture? If not, prepare to learn something... like how Canada was transformed from boresville to party country.

Disclaimer: some of these comics may be somewhat impenetrable to the historically disinclined. But hey, anything that might spur you to learn more about Marcel Duchamp has to be good!

Sam Logan