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Last Call, Pt. 34

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Feb 4, 2008

Hoodies and Babydolls

All this week, I'm taking special orders for hoodies and babydoll ts in many of the designs that are usually only available as t-shirts. Unfortunately I can't make these styles of shirts available all the time, but I'm doing a large t-shirt print run next week, which gives me the opportunity to print up some special made-to-order items at the same time.

Just have a look at the hoodie/babydoll page in the shop to see which designs are currently available. I'll be taking orders until Sunday!

Sam Logan

Feb 1, 2008

Welcome to the world of tomorrow!

OK! The links page has finally been updated. I'm almost 100 percent sure there are some comics I forgot, but I'll keep adding them in as I think of them.

I've also added links to the front page for both our RSS and Livejournal feeds. I'll add support for other feeds and similar services gradually as I figure them out!

Sam Logan

Jan 30, 2008

Feed me

Did you know that Sam and Fuzzy has an RSS feed? No? That's probably because I completely forgot to put a link to it anywhere on the website. Whoops! Another chore for the list, after updating the vacant links page.

But while we're on the subject... are there any other feeds or similar services you'd like to see supported over here? Let me know! I can't promise to implement them all, but I can promise to at least find out that they exist.

Sam Logan