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Last Call, Pt 36

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Feb 8, 2008

Hoodies and babydoll ts available 'til Sunday

Don't forget... Sunday is the last day to order hoodies and babydoll ts! Act fast, or regret later!

Meanwhile, today's strip wraps up the Last Call storyline. I hope you enjoyed it! I know in places it was a bit bleaker than the usual flavour around here, but I think it was worth it to go there, and hopefully you all did too!

Next: O-GAWD 5! Starting on Monday, tune in every weekday for at least one brand new Sam and Fuzzy strip created by some of the most talented webcartoonists around! You will not want to miss this.

Sam Logan

Feb 6, 2008

Oh baby

Just a reminder: hoodies and babydoll ts are now available in almost all of our shirt designs... but only until Sunday! Act fast to avoid failure.

(Meanwhile, because a few folks have asked, I've added hoodie specs to our shirt sizing information.)

In other news, the Last Call storyline wraps up on Friday! Then, next week, the uber-delayed O-GAWD 5 finally arrives. Our latest Obligatory Guest Artist Webcomic Duration will feature two weeks jam-packed with Sam and Fuzzy comics created by some of my favourite artists. At least one new strip will be running every weekday. Prepare for content!

Sam Logan

Feb 4, 2008

Hoodies and Babydolls

All this week, I'm taking special orders for hoodies and babydoll ts in many of the designs that are usually only available as t-shirts. Unfortunately I can't make these styles of shirts available all the time, but I'm doing a large t-shirt print run next week, which gives me the opportunity to print up some special made-to-order items at the same time.

Just have a look at the hoodie/babydoll page in the shop to see which designs are currently available. I'll be taking orders until Sunday!

Sam Logan