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Stockholm Syndrome, Pt. 3

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Apr 18, 2008

Four capital letters

Apologies if this is old news -- I'm not exactly living on the bleeding edge of pop culture these days -- but have you seen this music video for Justice's "DVNO"? It's pretty impressive... not just for it's perfect recreation of dozens upon dozens of 1980s corporate logos, but for the way they have been altered to match the lyrics of the song. (With many of the logos paired with a word or phrase for which it is particularly visually appropriate.) For anyone who grew up in the 80s, this video is pretty much a guaranteed 3 minutes of repeated of unsettling familiarity and vague subconscious recognition. (And the song isn't bad either!)

Our story continues on Monday! See you then.

Sam Logan

Apr 16, 2008

More cowbell

Thank you for all the kind words about Monday's cowbell humour. I'm glad it was so well recieved! (Although I was a bit disappointed to learn that, as far as excessive cowbell enthusiasm goes, I was totally beaten to the punch by Christopher Walken.)

In any event, it sounds like there is a lot of support out there for a mandatory cowbell Parental Advisory. Perhaps this be the 2008 election's "big issue". It's up to you, America!

Sam Logan

Apr 14, 2008

Makin' it easy

For those in need of a refresher... the "Island of Lies" and it's population of not-actually-dead musicians was first introduced in the Return of the King storyline, and was revisited once since then.

Everybody has their favourite novelty cowbell song. (Everybody.) But for my money it's hard to beat the pure excess of the Beatles' Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey, where relentless clanging dominates nearly the entire left stereo channel. I would never say anything bad about the Beatles... but I might thoroughly imply it, if you know what I am saying.

Sam Logan