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Stockholm Syndrome, Pt. 19

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May 26, 2008


Why didn't I watch Veronica Mars when it was actually on television? All I can do now is plow through the DVDs, all the while feeling like my delayed viewership is -- at least in some small way -- at least partially responsible for the show's cancellation. I should have done better! Veronica deserved it.

Posters and prints go on sale on Wednesday. Ready yourself!

Sam Logan

May 23, 2008

Stop messing with me

Two of my favourite webcomics returned from hiatus this week: Wigu (youth, adventure, talking transdimensional produce), and Anders Loves Maria (passion, heartbreak, copious wieners.) Truly, it is a good time to be alive!

Our new posters and prints finally go on sale next week. See you then!

Sam Logan

May 21, 2008

Show me how to escape

Always happy to do my part to up the webcomic world's dirigible quotient.

Conscience Cat and Cowbell Advisory t-shirts are printed up and will be shipping soon. For all you spur of the moment, non-preordering types, now is your moment to shine.

I've spent the better part of today with illScarlet's Who's Got It stuck in my head. Now I pass the virus on to you! I have no idea if these guys are old news or not... all I know is I was pretty surprised when I turned on the radio and heard something even this ska-influenced coming out of the speakers. For a moment I thought I'd stepped in a time warp to 1996.

Then I tried to buy some Orbitz and realized I was sadly mistaken.

Sam Logan