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Stockholm Syndrome, Pt. 21

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May 30, 2008

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Folks have sure been coming up with lots of curious sayings for their Conscience Cat prints. A couple even came up with what I think is a pretty brilliant alternative to the personalized message... if you nabbed a print with a blank sign and had it laminated, you could basically use it like a whiteboard. Quite frankly, the idea never even occurred to me! But blank prints are available for anyone who wants to try it themselves.

Anyhow, that's a wrap for "Stockholm Syndrome". Our next story begins on Monday. (And it's a biggie.)

Sam Logan

May 28, 2008

Keeping posted

After much hoo-ha, the two new posters are now on sale. Also up for grabs are the "top secret" limited Conscience Cat prints that I made for Emerald City Comic-Con.

As you can now see, the "unusual" thing about the Conscience Cat prints is that the sign is blank. I thought it would be fun for me to hand-write in a unique "moral" for each one. Folks with something specific in mind can email me their suggestions, or if they are feeling dangerous, can opt to have me surprise them. You can also request the classic "career" moral, or even a sign that has been left blank... if you want to be boring.

Anyhow, all these goodies are now available in the store. And if more than one catches your eye, there are also a variety of combo deals that will let you nab some or all of them at a discount price. (Including our older "Fight!" posters as well.)

Stockholm Syndrome wraps up on Friday. But as always, bigger things are ahead!

Sam Logan

May 26, 2008


Why didn't I watch Veronica Mars when it was actually on television? All I can do now is plow through the DVDs, all the while feeling like my delayed viewership is -- at least in some small way -- at least partially responsible for the show's cancellation. I should have done better! Veronica deserved it.

Posters and prints go on sale on Wednesday. Ready yourself!

Sam Logan