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Revenge of Fuzzy-Brand™, Pt. 6

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Mar 7, 2003

Sam Logan

Mar 5, 2003

Red and yellow and pink and green...

General madness ensues in the Sam and Fuzzy forum (what else is new?) as readers argue about how the comic would look in colour. Purists need not worry about me making the jump to more-than-binary bits anytime soon, but I am still enjoying the custom colouring jobs. Be sure to have a look!

In other news, 24 is still the greatest show in the history of television.

Sam Logan

Mar 3, 2003

First, you draw a circle... then, add a few more lines...

There has been some talk on the message board suggesting I should put up a feature explaining how exactly I make these comics. Would you be interested in seeing such a thing, or would it simply simply be an exercise in inflating my ego? Let me know!

Sam Logan