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Absolute Power, Pt. 15

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Jul 4, 2008

Love at the end of the world

Happy holidays, America. You might not know this, but up here in Canada we don't have Independence Day. All we get is Co-Dependence Day. (Officially celebrated on July 17th.) You don't get any actual time off, but you do feel like you really, really need some.

This has been another addition of Real True Canadian Facts!

Sam Logan

Jul 2, 2008


I am back from my time off! How was it, you ask? You can find the answering by discerning which of the following delights were bestowed upon me me during my break:

A) broken computer
B) common cold
C) ant infestation
D) all of the above

If you selected D, then you understand why I am totally looking forward to sticking a fork in my vacation and getting back to having fun drawing some cartoons again.

It's good to be back!

Sam Logan

Jun 30, 2008

Typo Police: Why yes, I did mean to say "Mr. Black" in panel four of today's comic, rather than "Mr. Blank". I've gone ahead and fixed it now. Thanks for alerting me to my mistake... I knew I was going to make that one sooner or later!

Gone Fishing

Your regularly scheduled webcomic author is in the midst of a self-prescribed vacation... reaching you now only through the miracle of automated website updating. But Sam and Fuzzy continues unimpeded, with brand new comics primed up and ready to appear every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until I am back. Cheers!

Conscience Cat Limited Prints are now sold out! (Our t-shirt variation is still available, though.) Thank you for your enthusiasm, and apologies to anyone who missed out.