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Showdown, Pt. 7

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Sep 1, 2008

Snap crackle pop

My body is back from PAX, but I'm pretty sure my brain is still somewhere back at the hotel in Seattle. So, let's leave the full con report for Wednesday, and save today for the consumption of precious, mind-refueling canadian Rice Krispies.

(American Rice Krispies have a marginally yet unnervingly different flavour that messes with my breakfast zen!)

Sam Logan

Aug 29, 2008

Pax romana

I am at PAX this weekend! Are you? Then maybe I will see you there!

In other news, today is link-to-several-webcomics-you've-never-linked-to-before-day -- or LTSWYNLTBD -- by order of the webcomics mafia high command. And who am I to disagree... especially when there are a few comics I've already been dying to talk about anyway?

Gastrophobia is an extremely new and extremely awesome strip by uber-talent David McGuire. I am a big fan of David's art, and was thrilled to hear he was finally launching a full-fledged webcomic.

Ugly Hill is currently running a highly entertaining and totally stand-alone series about sasquatches and robots. If you're not familiar with Paul's work, consider this the perfect gateway drug.

And finally, there's Girls with Slingshots, a gorgeously drawn strip by the dangerously gifted Danielle Corsetto. I'm kind of running out of metaphors for excellent by this point, but take my word for it... it is good and you will like it.

Sam Logan

Aug 27, 2008


This Friday, I'll be heading down to Seattle to experience the Penny Arcade Expo! And believe it or not, this will be the first time I have ever gone to a convention as an attendee instead of an exhibitor. Let me tell you... I'm really excited to experience life on the other side of the booths.

Not that I didn't have a spectacular time at Anime Evo last weekend! I just spent the vast, vast majority of it handing people their Conscience Cat t-shirts. That's not a complaint by any means -- nay, enthusiasm for preachy felines was and is thoroughly, thoroughly appreciated! But after a hard weekend's work, I am definitely reveling at the novelty of a con that doesn't include "folding" as a primary activity.

Sam Logan