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Showdown, Pt. 13

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Sep 15, 2008

The truth is out there

Just a reminder... Custom T-shirt 3-packs are available until September 21st. That means you have until Sunday to take advantage of the "crazy" savings. How crazy? Crazy enough to require regular sessions with Dr Crab.

In other news, take a moment to watch the extremely talented Rene Engstrom opine about backgrounds. Why? Because Rene's backgrounds -- as sparing used as they may be -- are extremely lovely. And now you will know why! (Sort of.)

Sam Logan

Sep 12, 2008

The truth is out there

Do not believe the misinformation of the shadow government. Custom T-shirt 3-packs really exist, as do the seven dollars you will save by ordering before September 21st. Do not believe The Man's lies. 3-packs are real. As real as this heavy-handed sales pitch!

Have a nice weekend, everyone! As always, our story continues on Monday.

Sam Logan

Sep 10, 2008


I've probably seen Conscience Cat misspelled or misspoke as "Conscious Cat" dozens of times since the character first debuted... but no matter how many times I do, it never stops being funny to me. (I guess I'm pretty easily amused.)

Just a reminder: if you have been waiting for an excuse to bring some Sam and Fuzzy clothing into your life... here it is! T-shirt 3-packs, providing you with a savings of seven entire dollars from now until September 21st. Let the rationalizing begin!

Sam Logan