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Showdown, Pt. 17

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Sep 24, 2008

Bitey the Shark

Apologies for any difficulty you might have experienced trying to access the Sam and Fuzzy website yesterday. Unfortunately, some server troubles kept the site offline for a few frustrating hours. But today, we are back in business!

Meanwhile, by popular request, here is a wallpaper version of the extremely special Sonic artwork I posted on Monday. It seems that I am not the only one eagerly counting down the days until I can finally take Bitey the Shark through a run of Sonic Leapfrog Extreme. Hopefully this small gesture will help make the wait a little more manageable.

"Sonic Leapfrog Extreme" wallpaper:

Sam Logan

Sep 22, 2008


Mr. Sin, as you may recall, goes through a lot of hands.

Have you heard the skinny on the latest and greatest Sonic the Hedgehog title? And no, I don't mean Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Chronicles, or Sonic and the Black Knight. I'm talking about SEGA's next attempt to improve on the beloved Sonic formula with exciting gameplay innovations and delightfully creative new characters. It's pretty top secret, but between you and me... here's a sneak peek at some of the artwork.

Sam Logan

Sep 19, 2008


Our Custom T-shirt 3-packs sale ends on Sunday! That leaves 72 hours to save $7 when you assemble your favourite trio of any of our shirt designs -- from Conscience Cat, Dr Crab and Mr Blank all the way down to I'm Communism, Skull Panda, and the Ninja Mafia. The time for impulse purchasing is upon us! Rationalize now, regret later never!

Have a nice weekend, everyone! As always, our story continues on Monday.

Sam Logan