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Dipper and Baker

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Jul 22, 2024

Bark bark bark

The crossover of the century!

I'm off to San Diego today, friends! Wish me safe travels. And come back on Wednesday for our next comic!


Jul 19, 2024

Lamps Out

I lied! I had one more Lamper comic in me after all. And with this one, the mystery of Fidgital's murder is finally resolved.

(Kidding, kidding... the actual "Fidgital is Dead" story will be arriving later this year. The real story may or may not contain lamps.)

See you on Monday with our next comic, team!


Jul 17, 2024

Lamp Off

Oh no... the running gags are combining! Thanks a lot, Lamper.

Amazingly, I do not have any more lamp based cartoons for you this week. But tune in on Friday for something lamp free!

And then after that, I have an extra unusual special feature lined up for the next couple of weeks, to run while I'm off at San Diego Comic-Con and Gen Con! I think you are really going to enjoy it. (I know I had a blast making it!)