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Showdown, Pt. 41

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Nov 19, 2008


Earl's promotion occurred -- thoroughly on the record, it turns out -- back in this comic. Being done in by your own incriminating recordings is a boneheaded maneuver of the most storied tradition. Just ask Richard Nixon.

Response to the new shirts has been great! To make sure I have them ready in plenty of time for the holidays, I'm going to send in the order to my printer tomorrow instead of doing the traditional two week preorder campaign. I'm admittedly not super great at estimating how many I'm going to need without the preorders to judge from... but I'm going to give it my best shot and just sell them until we run out, darn it.

Meanwhile, the ebay auction for the original Fuzzy Loves Megaman artwork continues apace. For anyone interested, bidding closes on Friday at 12:25 PM.

Sam Logan

Nov 17, 2008

Shirt police

Our two new shirts go on sale today! And as usual, I have resurrected the Custom t-shirt 3-pack to celebrate. Ordering any three shirts of your choice will save you an extra $7... provided you order them before December 1st!

Putting together the Fuzzy Loves Megaman limited print kind of lunged me into a temporary childhood-reliving surge of retro-video-game-related illustration. And the culmination (and combination) of that work was this first new design.I've never done a gaming-related shirt before, and I may never do another... but man, I really, really wanted to do this one. So I did!

Click here to view the design in colour

Meanwhile, our second new design is one I've had in the back of my head all year! It was a heck of a project to put together, and is probably the largest and most complicated design I've ever done. But that's what it takes to really do justice to the enormity of the subject matter.

Click here to view the full design in colour

(The full shebang was way to tall to post here in it's entirety!)

So... new shirts! On sale. In the shop! I hope you like 'em!

-Sam Logan

Nov 14, 2008


Points of interest!

One: A pair of brand new t-shirts will be going on sale on Monday... our final new designs of the year, just barely in time for the holiday season. One is the final word on my recent fixation on Fuzzy/gaming mashups (I swear!), and the other is the long awaited "Malcolm's Diagram of the Conspiracy" design. I'm really pleased with how these two came out, and hopefully you all will be as well!

Two: For anyone interested, I've decided to put the original artwork used as a basis the Fuzzy Loves Megaman Print up on ebay. I have never auctioned any of my art before, so I have absolutely no idea what to expect. I'm just going to set the starting price at $1 and see what happens!


Sam Logan