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Apr 9, 2003


You know, considering that this comic is about two guys who drive a taxi, it's odd that this is the first time we've actually seen them drive someone somewhere.

The forum has finally gotten active enough to merit splitting it into on and off topic sections. Well, that is one possible reason why we split it up. Another one is we just have too much time on your hands.

If you've never been to the forums before, now is an exciting (I use the term loosely) to join! Learn about how Sam and Fuzzy reader Mister O's webcomic, If Then Else, got toasted by being linked to from Penny Arcade! Find out where you can download the first episode of Sonic X, the new Sonic the Hedgehog anime! Make fun of the Family Circus! Ah yes, good times.

A webcomic I was just recently was getting into, Wendy, seems to have finished it's online run and is moving (probably) into the world of print. I think it's really sweet the way some of Wendy's readers are taking the opportunity to tell the author that his comic has sucked lately, and that he should go back to doing the stuff he was doing years ago. I swear to god, if anybody starts telling me how to do MY comic, I will handle it with much less grace than he has. Anyhow, I recommend checking Wendy out, but then, I also recommend buying only one kind of sock, so that you never have to pair them after doing the laundry.

Sam Logan

Apr 7, 2003


I really needed that hour we lost this weekend.

Sam Logan

Apr 4, 2003

I will only use this power for good

I just purchased myself a new video card... a Radeon 8500 LE. This is easily one of the best decisions I have ever made. The copying, pasting and bucket work I do for the comic in Paint Shop Pro no longer lags! I mean, when I drag around a selected area, it ACTUALLY drags, rather than randomly spazing all over the place. It took me about a tenth of the time that it used to format today's comic, and believe me, when you do this three times a week, every week, you really appreciate that.

Sam Logan