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May 12, 2003

Getting down to the big sound

What would you choose to put on the Sam and Fuzzy soundtrack? Uncle Sam wants to know!

I have to tell you, if there was ever a Sam and Fuzzy movie, I demand that during the opening credits, Sam and Fuzzy drive around in the taxi listening to Quick and to the Pointless by the Queens of the Stone Age. Hopefully I'd have a say in such a matter.

Oh, baby baby you're so SWEEEEEEEETTT!

Sam Logan

May 9, 2003

Kimi no yume ga kanau no wa dareka no kage janai ze

And the epic Fuzzy's Mom storyline comes to a close. What did you all think of it? Let me know! Personally this is one of my favourites, but that could just be the crack talking.

It's all about the Mad Caddies. Seriously.

I swear, I'm totally working on that new site interface. I definately have not been completely ignoring it for the last week. I would never do that. Meanwhile, guys at other webcomics are going and making me look bad with their own sexy new interfaces. I feel threatened.

That's when I reach for my revolver.

Sam Logan

May 7, 2003

I'm a brat and I know everything and I talk back

I have seen X2 and it is good. Now, with every comic-to-movie adaptation comes the inevitable backlash from the hardcore fans. But despite some major changes to the original continuity, X2 is a solid flick, and is packed with plenty of refferences to amuse anyone familiar with the original source. If you don't like this movie, I really question your judgement of films. I fact, I question your very beliefs regarding fun in general. You make me sick, you sorry sorry bastards.

Webcomic goodness: Cigarro and Cerjeva has added an additional fifty strips to the archives. I seriously can not say enough good things about this comic. I'm also really enjoying Loserz, and you probably will too, provided you aren't terribly offended by high-school sex humour.

Man, you're a sorry bastard AND a prude. That's just sad.

Sam Logan