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May 14, 2010

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: McCartney and Jackson Edition
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"Why dont you have a RSS feed? It would be awesome!" -Steve

I do have an RSS feed! The link to it is right there at the top of the exact white-box-full-of-text you are looking at right now. You probably just missed it because it is so polite and unassuming. It's the Canada of link buttons.

"Why did you choose to do the strip in black and white (and now some grey)? Your colored works look great! Did that just result from practice after starting the comic in pure black and white, and you didn't want to change it? Or was the pure black and white strictly a stylistic choice that didn't have any roots in just not wanting to color? " -Joshua

It's largely a stylistic choice... although there are always practical considerations, too!

I got into the habit of drawing all my comics in black and white when I was a little kid. (A friend of mine taught me that you could make real-looking comic book collections of them for cheap using a photocopier and a stapler!) Since then, I've developed a real love for the look of colour-free comics -- everything from Steve Purcell to Bill Watterson to Jeff Smith to Bryan Lee O'Malley. And over the years, I've cobbled together my own particular black and white comics style -- one I associate so strongly with my work on Sam and Fuzzy in particular that I can't really imagine doing it in colour.

But it's probably for the best. If I had to colour the comics, I wouldn't be able to produce nearly as many pages a week as I do now! And they'd be more expensive to print, too... I probably wouldn't be able to publish giant 350+ page book collections of them like the one I may or may not be secretly working on right now.

But thanks for the nice words about my colour work. I enjoy working in colour too, and I'd never rule out doing some colour comics in the future. They probably just won't be Sam and Fuzzy comics!

"Will we ever see a 'fig pig is on a shirt' shirt?" -Ryan

Quite a few people have asked about this! It seems like the logical, almost obvious thing to do, but I am a little unsure about it. A piece of real-life Fig Pig merch is a joke that every Sam and Fuzzy reader would get, but is it one they'd actually want to wear? I'm going to have to think about what particular take on this idea might work best.

But in the meantime, I have two other totally unrelated new T designs that will be going on sale over at Topatoco very soon! The shirts are being printed as we speak. I will keep you posted!

-Sam Logan

May 12, 2010


Thanks to everyone who swung by to see me at TCAF! I hope you had as much fun as I did. I had heard it was great, and it exceeded my expectations in every way -- a swell show put on by awesome people in a swell location. The best!

Plus, I got to visit with the largest conglomeration of webcartoonists this side of Webcomics Weekend, including many of the east coasters that seldom make it out to the cons on my side of the continent, like Yuko and Ananth and Joey and Emily. (And also Ryan, who I hadn't seen in like two whole weeks!) I just wish I'd had more time to actually socialize with everyone! There were always post-show hangouts, but I am getting old and can't stay up as late as I used to. It's pretty pathetic, actually. I'll try harder next year, guys, I promise!

-Sam Logan

May 10, 2010

In transit

TCAF has come and gone, which means I'll be spending the day making my way back across the country in a flying sardine can. Thanks to everyone who came to the show! Full report on Wednesday.

"Bat Fuzzy" Limited Prints... Now on Sale!

-Sam Logan