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Trade Secrets, Pt. 21

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May 26, 2010

Oh man!

All right! I am pretty much finished work on the secret project, and all caught up on comic drawing. At last, I can get to the really important work -- finally, finally, finally playing Mario Galaxy 2. Eesh! Since Sunday, the box has just been sitting there, taunting me. As has the soundtrack, which I've been listening to while I've been working. And also the poster, which I hung in my office.

I am a huge nerd, is basically what I am saying.

On a actually-somewhat-related note, consider our new Fireflower Roasting t-shirt! (Which, now that I think of it, was surprisingly well-timed.) It's already been well embraced by the gaming portion of my readership -- thanks guys! -- but anything you can do to help spread awareness of this sucker to the gaming community at large would be super appreciated. I mean, come on. It's time for an alternative to those less classy, tasteless gamer ts, like that one of Mario taking a dump in his hat! (Note: I may or may not have just imagined that particular shirt.)

Meanwhile, our "Insatiable Reader" shirt should be going on sale before the weekend! Topatoco is just waiting for the free bookmarks I sent them to arrive!

-Sam Logan

May 24, 2010


It's been a busy weekend. I've been working hard putting the finishing touches on a certain not-so-secret Sam and Fuzzy project that should go on sale in time for San Diego. Here's a hint... it'll be made out of paper. Lots and lots of paper.

Meanwhile, our "Insatiable Reader" shirt should be going on sale sometime this week! It'll be joining our other new design, Fireflower Roasting, which is available now and hopefully finding it's way into the arms of proud retro gamers everywhere.

-Sam Logan

May 21, 2010

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Fig Pig Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"Is Fig Pig full of fig pig wasps? (Like so.)" -Lucas

I don't think so. But he is probably at least partially full of WASPs.

"Does Fig Pig got a nautical themed Pashmina Afghan?" -Jessica

No. Fig Pig is already a meme all by himself.

"Why does Fig Pig keep saying 'Fig Pig'? Is he a Pokemon?" -Sarah

In the Pokemon universe, there are bird Pokemon, bug Pokemon, horse Pokemon, cat Pokemon, dog Pokemon, armadillo Pokemon, and so on. So, here's what I want to know... are there any animals that aren't Pokemon? Does their whole animal kingdom consist entirely of Pokemon?

If so, what effect does this have on livestock? Do they drink Pokemon milk? Do they eat Pokemon meat?

Or say there are other animals! Has the abundance of Pokemon completely destroyed the market for regular pets? Are there a lot of stray dogs and cats? Have hamsters gone extinct?

You're probably wondering what this has to do with your question. Well, the answer is actually very fig pig fig pig fig pig fig piiiiiiiiig.

See you next week!

-Sam Logan