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May 21, 2003

Get me a hacksaw

24, has had some rough patches, but any doubts I had about its status as my favourite TV show evaporated with tonight's season finale. Admittedly, the show is, in many ways, a soap opera. But also, shut up! It's totally sweet! Did you see what he did to that guy? With that thing? And damn, did you see that obscure plot twist coming up? I didn't even know one of those could explode like that /!
Be sure to check out the DVD collection of season two whenever FOX gets around to releasing it.

Also, did you read Tuesday's Machall? I probably laughed more than I should have.

Sam Logan

May 19, 2003

Track and Field

It is Guest Artist Week over at Scarygoround, if by "week" one actually meant "two weeks." Scarygoround is a fantastic comic and I was thrilled to be asked to participate. The strip will probably be running on Saturday, but do yourself a favour and check out what some of the other webcomicers have cooked up, as well.

After you've done that, drop everything and go check out the trailer for the new Sam and Max game. You may never have even heard of the original game, Sam and Max Hit the Road, but it is probably even less likely that you ever had the opportunity to read the absolutely fantastic comic by Steve Purcell, on which the game and television show were based. Be sure to pick up the original game from your local software bargain bin (it runs perfectly on newer versions of windows, even that bastion of compatibility that is XP, if you use this handy utility) and scour your local bookstores for the extrememly obscure Surfin' the Highway collection of all the original comics.

Death from above!!!! AIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Sam Logan

May 16, 2003


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Sam Logan