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Off the Books, Pt. 1

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Aug 16, 2010


Did you see my extra special Dinosaur Comics guest strip last week? A lot of love went into that strip. (Try clicking the image for extra gigantic bonus love!)

Thanks to everyone who swung by the table at Anime Evolution. It was especially exciting to see so many folks who'd never read the comic before pick up a copy of the new book. Not that I didn't love talking to all the hardcore Sam and Fuzzy readers, too! But it is definitely a wonderful feeling to watch someone read your work for the very first time and like it enough to pick up a copy. So thank you very much to all the anime fans who decided to take a chance on some hefty, inch-thick indie comic book that -- as Angela put it -- looked like it killed a whole lot squids.

(Thank goodness they don't charge for ink by the litre!)

-Sam Logan

Aug 13, 2010

Anime Evolution

Anime Evolution is on, right now! Attendees can find my table in room 205 of the SUB at UBC. No idea where that is? No problem! We've got a map.

Experience the map!

Alternately, you can find us using Angela's excellent visual guide! She is in the table immediately next to me. (And will be bringing copies of her new book!)

If you can come, I seriously recommend it! Because it's a local show, I can bring a ridiculous amount of stuff. I've got like ten different shirt designs, plus buttons, Bat Fuzzy prints and other artwork. And of course, the new book!

We return on Monday. See you then!

-Sam Logan

Aug 11, 2010


Hey, guess what? I did a very special Dinosaur Comics guest strip for my pal (and fellow webcomic-ing Canadian) Ryan North. It's an epic celebration of love, in honour of he and Jen's extremely recent knot-tying. I believe it goes live tomorrow (Thursday). Don't miss it!

Anime Evolution kicks off on Friday! I will be in the Artist Alley (in the UBC Student Union Building), loaded up with plenty of shirt , buttons, Bat Fuzzy prints and other artwork. And of course, I'll also have plenty of copies of the new book, which I will be happy to sign and scrawl all over for you.

(Worry not, non-Vancouverites -- signed and illustrated copies of the book are also available in the Topatoco store! How convenient!)

-Sam Logan