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Jun 4, 2003

Screws fall in and screws they fall out

Can I ask you guys to do me a big favour? It's the start of a new month and Top Web Comics has reset the vote counters... I would really appreciate it if you all could take a few seconds today and vote for Sam and Fuzzy. I don't really care about the ranking, but I do like to see as many new readers as possible finding their way to the site. Anyhow, it only takes a second and it doesn't bombard you with ad popups, I promise. Thanks muchly, y'all!

I never had much of a signature. In fact, I never even really mastered handwriting, which raises many problems. That SL03 thing is fine for comics, but try signing a credit card bill that way!

Yesterday, a good reader by the name of Sidd sent in this totally badass picture of Fuzzy as Ash from Evil Dead. Tell me that is not the sweetest damned thing ever! Now, I don't have a fan art section just yet, but it's looking like I'm going to have to make one.

Sam Logan

Jun 2, 2003

Irony is having a nap

We live in a world of technological miracles. Now, we can find out faster than ever before who does not want to talk to us.

Have you seen the webcomic Lizard? It really appeals to the little sentimentalist inside me. I have to hide that guy before Fuzzy kicks his ass.

Sam Logan

May 30, 2003

I like fan art. Feed me! Feed me!

How tragic is it that I only learn of the fabulous webcomic It's All Been Done as it is wrapping up? Go take a look! You'll cry too.

In lighter news....

If you're like me, you probably can only wish that you could make something as cool as this out of fimo. But we can't, and that's why our lives are cold and empty. Thank you so much to my girlfriend Claire, whom Sam and Fuzzy forum goers already know as Alteka. (You can understand why I would want to date her.)

I know what you're thinking, but no, you can't date me just by making me fan art. You have to buy me dinner first.

Sam Logan