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Harvest, Pt. 5

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Feb 16, 2011

Orlandoes what Canadon't

I'm back! And after a few days of meticulous research, I can confirm that Orlando does indeed still have theme parks in it. No need to thank me!

It feels good to be back in the homeland. But I won't be home for long! Can you believe that Emerald City Comic-Con is only a couple weeks away? I hope you can, because believing in things is important. Trust me, I know. They sang at least five different songs about it at Disney World, and if you can't trust singing dudes in animal suits, who can you trust?

-Sam Logan

Feb 14, 2011


Shan and I are still on our mini vacation. But don't worry... we've got a brand new strip ready for you anyway. Enjoy! Or else.

-Sam Logan

Feb 11, 2011

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Sombrero Edition
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Friends, as you are reading this, Shannon and I in the midst of a short trip to celebrating our newfangled engagement.... so, I'm going to keep the Q and A light this week! That said, there was one question that I saw so much this week, in so many forms, that I wouldn't dare put off answering it:

"OMG! Did we just witness the BIRTH OF FUTURE FUZZY in Monday's comic???" -Cassie

Future Fuzzy -- whose handful of appearances in prehistoric comics and Ryan Estrada guest strips can be found using our character search engine -- always identified as being from 24 hours in the future. Futures that, by this point in the comic time, occurred several years ago! Which means that "Bonus Fuzzy" probably can't be the same fellow... right? But then why give him the sombrero? What's going on? What does this mean?!?

You will have to wait and see, I'm afraid. Just rest easy knowing the sombrero is serious business around here, and I would not use it lightly. Let's just say this story will build on the Future Fuzzy legacy in an appropriate but unexpected direction.

We return on Monday with more comics. See you then!

-Sam Logan