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Future Fuzzy, Pt. 1

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Jun 16, 2003

Time travel goes FWOOSH

Oh no! We've entered the realm of SCIENCE FICTION, the most hated of all fictions! This could lead to just about anything.

Soylent Green is Sam.

Yeah, you heard me.

Sam Logan

Jun 13, 2003


I feel... my strength... returning....

I think I have approximately enough juice now to either give a wet paper bag a stern talking to, or hit you guys up with a link. The Adventures of DaNextGuy is pretty keen. It sort of reminds me of those photo-comics that ran in Toy Fare magazine (and possibly still do.)

Thanks to everyone who keeps voting at Top Web Comics. It's sweet of you to keep doing it even though I've stopped asking you every day.

Sam Logan

Jun 11, 2003

The system is down

My ongoing war with the nefarious sick continues.

There are no winners in war, only losers.


Peace, germs.

Sam Logan