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Jun 18, 2003


It is difficult to picture situations in which a sombrero is urgently needed.

I've started posting sporadically in the Top Web Comics forums, and had the opportunity today to get into a big debate about the merits of "sprite comics." Those of you who haven't heard of sprite comics... are lucky. HAHA.

Seriously though, a sprite comic, for the uninformed, is a comic where all the art is assembled out of edited graphics from old video games. An example of a sprite comic that is actually funny is 8 Bit Theatre, which is constructed from Final Fantasy graphics. Do not mistake these for pixel art comics like Diesel Sweeties, where all the graphics were still drawn by the comic's author.

Anyhow, a lot of more traditional cartoonists think pretty little of sprite comics authors, thus generating big kungfu-style debates on webcomic forums everywhere. Personally, I don't really care if some guy who can't be bothered to draw his own stuff tosses together a sprite comic. What grates on my nerves, though, is when someone who does just that then claims that by editing Megaman to have a red jumper and a tophat, the artwork suddenly becomes as legitimately their own as does the art in any author-drawn comic.

On rare occasions, when the author can be bothered to come up with some decently written jokes, sprite comics can be entertaining... even good. But if you want your "art" to be taken seriously, kids, you do actually have to draw something yourself.

I know, it sucks, eh! So much WORK.

Sam Logan

Jun 16, 2003

Time travel goes FWOOSH

Oh no! We've entered the realm of SCIENCE FICTION, the most hated of all fictions! This could lead to just about anything.

Soylent Green is Sam.

Yeah, you heard me.

Sam Logan

Jun 13, 2003


I feel... my strength... returning....

I think I have approximately enough juice now to either give a wet paper bag a stern talking to, or hit you guys up with a link. The Adventures of DaNextGuy is pretty keen. It sort of reminds me of those photo-comics that ran in Toy Fare magazine (and possibly still do.)

Thanks to everyone who keeps voting at Top Web Comics. It's sweet of you to keep doing it even though I've stopped asking you every day.

Sam Logan