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Dinner Party, Pt. 2

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Jul 12, 2002

Well, here we are at our new home. I'm not sure what I'll miss most about Keenspace; maybe the really long load times, or maybe the ugly banner ads clashing with my black and white motif. Ah well, we all must move on.

Sam Logan

Jul 8, 2002

Everything is going according to plan. Heh heh heh.

Sam Logan

Jul 5, 2002

Good news, everyone! (And I use the term "everyone" loosely.) I have aquired some money which can be exchanged for a domain name and real hosting. Before the move, I'm gonna try and tweak up the page formats
a bit; maybe make the front page a tad friendlier to our low-resolution friends. The cast page should be coming up soon, as well. Squee!

Sam Logan