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Dinner Party, Pt. 1

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Jul 8, 2002

Everything is going according to plan. Heh heh heh.

Sam Logan

Jul 5, 2002

Good news, everyone! (And I use the term "everyone" loosely.) I have aquired some money which can be exchanged for a domain name and real hosting. Before the move, I'm gonna try and tweak up the page formats
a bit; maybe make the front page a tad friendlier to our low-resolution friends. The cast page should be coming up soon, as well. Squee!

Sam Logan

Jul 1, 2002

Anyone here remember that "Good Idea, Bad Idea" feature that they used to do on Animaniacs? Good Idea: Uploading older Sam and Fuzzy comics in order to get a good head start on the newer strips. Bad Idea: Forgetting that those older comics were occasionally seasonal humour. Oh well. Everybody turn back the clocks for a moment and recall January of 2002. Weren't those simpler times? A movie was only a nickel, and no one had ever heard of television. In a way, we've all lost our innocence since that glorious period.

Seriously though, printing these older comics has been a great help to me. I have been managing to draw new comics at the rate of two a week, but by staying about two months ahead of schedule, I have a huge bulk of strips to fall back on if I ever have a busy week. Which means no missed strips or dead Piro days or anything of that nature. Plus, if I ever DO want to do a more timely strip, there's no reason why I can't upload a brand new one rather than one I drew a month ago (except perhaps laziness.)

Starting with last Friday's strip, all the Sam and Fuzzy comics have black border panels like this one. In about 12 strips, those borders start being computer-drawn, meaning that the panels will actually be straight. Technology is amazing, isn't it?

Sam Logan