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Meet and Greet, Pt. 6

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Jul 1, 2011

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Eric Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"Is that the 'Overkill is just one of my many modes' and a werewolf in the Monday/Wednesday strips?" -Tom

Pretty much! That is a werewolf, and a similar (albeit not the exact same) robot. There are a lot of groups (and species) from throughout Sam and Fuzzy history represented on the Committee. And a few of the members themselves have appeared (or at least been mentioned by name) before.

"Counting the votes in comic 1433, I saw RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT-LEFT-LEFT. How was it a tie?" -Charles

It's a montage, my friend! That's just how eight of the members voted. The committee has many others! In fact, after having to draw them all so many times over the last two weeks... I might even say too many.


"Even though he fell to his death in the 'Showdown' storyline, Mr. Blank returned for a cameo in 'The Big Cheat'. Any chance we might see other departed characters (e.g., Mr. Black, Candice, or 17th-century chemist Robert Boyle) show up? " -Harold

Probably! And in one case, definitely. But not for quite awhile. (And don't worry... as in Mr. Blank's cameo, they won't be magically springing back to life or anything.)

In the nearer future, some other equally familiar but significantly less dead faces will also be turning up. Can you guess who? You might be able to, if you have been paying attention!

"Did you know that Brandon Sanderson (author of the Mistborn trilogy and the man hand-picked to finish the last Wheel of Time books, among other things) is apparently a fan of yours? (Considering I'm a big fan of both you and him, I find that really cool.)" -Matt

I did! Brandon is super nice guy, and a pretty serious webcomic fan to boot. He was reading way back in the early days of Sam and Fuzzy. I actually have a signed copy of his very first book, Elantris, that he kindly sent me when it was released back in 2005. (And I was finally able to return the favour at last year's Comic-con, when we were launching Fix Your Problem!)

That's a wrap for this week. Come back on Monday to find out what the heck is going on!

-Sam Logan

Jun 29, 2011

The plot thickens

Today's comic finally answers a burning question many of you have been wondering about for years. Yes... Mr. Sin can read. Now you know!

At last! Thanks to the hard work of my webcomicing pals Kate Beaton, Meredith Gran, and Carly Morando, you can finally read comics about Strong Female Characters. I see now I've been going about it entirely the wrong way. I mean, look... you can see their breasts AND their butts at the same time! I'm going to have to beef up on my figure drawing before I can compete with this kind of work.

(OK, OK... I actually have LOTS of practice drawing the "spine-breaker." One of my fondest convention memories is of a bunch of us huddled around a table at the Seattle GameWorks, taking turns demonstrating our mastery of all the terrible art trends 90s superhero comics had to offer. Aaron Diaz is probably the best at it. There were Liefeld belts, bomber jackets, giant guns and wasp waists everywhere, man.)

-Sam Logan

Jun 27, 2011


Exciting times in the Sam and Fuzzy-verse! For starters... Yuji Naka, co-creator of Sonic the Hedgehog, tweeted that my hedgehog t-shirt was cute! (Trust me, that's what he's saying. I swear!) He even used an emoticon and everything. D'aw! Thanks, random dude who wore that shirt to a Sonic convention and stood in front of Yuji Naka. You made my day!

Further excitement! I have assembled the final pack of epic free digital goodies for anyone and everyone who picked up a copy of our first book! This is the last pack I'll be sending out before our next book launches later in the summer. (But don't panic... we'll be doing a whole second year of bonus packs for that one, too!)

As promised, I let our club members suggest ideas for the next desktop image and then vote on their favourite. The winning result (by a large margin) was "Scott Pilgrim parody". After giving it my best effort, I can now present to you... "Fuzzy Pilgrim and the 7 Evil Ex-Employers!" (Although Gertrude is really an ex-coworker... I guess that was an experimental phase.) You can click for a slightly larger version:

Anyone and everyone who's bought a book will get the full-sized desktop image -- plus another desktop and an exclusive ancient Sam and Fuzzy comic -- on July 6th. (As will any latecomers who buy a copy of the book by that date!) You can click here for a full preview and more info. Bam!

-Sam Logan