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Meet and Greet, Pt. 17

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Jul 27, 2011

Post San Diego Thought Times

There was something a little different about San Diego this year. The show is traditionally the most gruelling convention of the year -- five 13+ hour work days in a row, in a completely packed convention hall. It's a non-stop rush of activity: meeting people, scrambling from place to place, meeting even more people, building things up, taking them back down, boxing, unboxing, working, cabbing, eating, partying... pretty much everything except sleeping. You're always glad you came, but by the time you head home, you feel like you're ready to crash into a coma for a week.

All that was still true this year. But this time, it didn't wear on me quite as hard as usual. There was just something about being there, in a sweet booth full of friends, all of them incredible artists, all of them getting to do what they love, that makes a guy feel lucky. There I was, sitting behind two books with my name on them, meeting readers who have supported me for years and new folks willing to take a leap-of-faith and take home a comic they were only seeing for the first time. It was a awesome thing to be a part of. Long, draining, exhausting... but awesome. Thank you so much to my friends in Topatoco, my webcomics comrades, and to all of you for making Comic-Con -- my entire comics career, really -- a reality. By comparison, my contribution seems pretty tiny.

-Sam Logan

Jul 25, 2011


San Diego Comic-Con is over, friends! I plan to spend my day making the trek back home, and then sleeping. Precious, precious sleeping. So let's leave the full con report until Wednesday!

-Sam Logan

Jul 22, 2011

The greatest story never told

I admit it! I drew today's filler-y comic largely to give myself a bit of a break during the mad rush of San Diego Comic-Con prep. (And also to unleash the greatest travesty possible.) Looking back on it, I'm kind of glad I did! It was actually a real struggle to draw anatomy that poorly... I probably should have pushed it even further, but my brain kept trying to correct it. Just one more reason to be jealous of the endless talents of Kate, Mer and Carly, I suppose. (Like I need another one!)

Comic-Con is in full tilt, now. If you're at the show, come by the Topatoco booth! They've got the new book, the tanuki t-shirt, and a whole ton of other sweet swag both Sam and Fuzzy-related and otherwise. And of course, I'm there too... drawing stuff and generally causing problems. Come say hi!

(And yes, worry not... if you can't make it to the show, our new stuff is also available online, in the Sam and Fuzzy Topatoco Store! You can even get a signed copy of the book with a sketch inside, thanks to the magic of swanky bookplate technology.)

Three more days of Comic-Con insanity! Will I survive? Find out on Monday!

-Sam Logan