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Jul 2, 2003

Did you miss the last Sam and Fuzzy strip? It posted a day late!

Wow! Sam and Fuzzy is doing really well at Top Web Comics. We might even crack the top ten if people keep voting. This would do wonders for helping new readers to find the site, which is always my second-from-foremost goal. (My foremost goal is to draw comics that will make you laugh and cry and learn and LOVE!)

The new website layout goes live next Monday, when I will also be making my aforementioned quasi-big announcement.

Sam Logan

Jun 30, 2003

We're Back!

Well, as the fifteen million messages in my inbox have confirmed, most of you noticed that the site was down on Sunday and Monday. I'm really very sorry about this. The link from MacHall was an unexpected bandwidth drain, and though I was willing to pay for the additional bandwidth necessary, nothing could be arranged with my webhost on such short notice. But with the strip that should have run on Monday appearing today instead, we're back to business as usual, and armed with a trailer-load of new readers to boot!

So welcome aboard, everyone. Feel free to slew through the archives and check out all the comics you've missed so far, then drop me a line or sign up to post on the message board and tell me what you think.

And if you are feeling particularly generous, please click the banner above this rant and vote for Sam and Fuzzy at Top Web Comics. Don't think for a second that I don't realize the readers who set aside a few seconds to vote for my comic are doing me a huge favour. You guys who vote, who send me mail, who miss my comic when it is gone -- you are a constant reminder of why I have such a blast running this site.

Thank you everyone for your patience and support. It means a lot to me.

Sam Logan

Jun 27, 2003


New readers who haven't had a chance to read through the archives may not be familiar with Carlyle. Actually, I would imagine that most of the readers today fall in that category, since the fine folks at MacHall kindly decided to link to me yesterday. If you're confused, you might want to have a glance at these three strips.

In other news, TNN, the world's first "men's" television station, has decided to do one thing right -- they have brought back John K to create new episodes of Ren and Stimpy! It airs on Thursday nights as part of TNN's adult animation block, which also includes the smart-but-poorly-animated Gary the Rat and the well-animated-but-extremely-stupid Stripperella. Free of the restrictions of children's television, the new Ren and Stimpy goes someplace very different from the old. I'm not even sure if I like it. Ren and Stimpy was never an innocent cartoon, but compared to the new show, it was practically Full House. Watching the new episode last night was nearly as jarring as it would be if Warner Brothers made a new Roadrunner cartoon where the Coyote smokes a few joints and then has sex with the Roadrunner. Also, for reasons inexplicable, Ren and Stimpy were both very, very small for the entire episode. I'm very curious to see what the second episode is like!

Between this and Keen Eddie, I am now watching more TV per week than I have in YEARS.

Sam Logan