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Animal Kingdom, Pt. 14

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Dec 21, 2011

EDIT: Book Clubbers! Please ignore the last paragraph in your bonus pack email, claiming that this is the last bonus pack. That is a LIE! (Brought about by a copy/pasting error from an old bonus pack email.)

There will, in fact, be several more bonus packs in 2012. Hooray!

Book Club Bonus Pack 2-2 On the Way

Our latest bonus pack -- featuring brand new Firefly and Clockwork Orange parody desktops, classic Megaman and Evil Diva desktops, and some never before seen early Sam and Fuzzy comics -- will be emailing out tonight to anyone and everyone who has bought a copy of Sam and Fuzzy Are Very Famous. I hope you enjoy the swag! Think of it as my way of saying, "Thanks for your support!" (Because that is exactly what it is.)

If there's anyone out there who missed the deadline but still really wants to get in on the book pack, no problem... if you place an order for it now and email to tell me, I will hook you up, and help you avoid a life of devastating sadness.

And if there's anyone out there still hoping to give someone the gift of Sam and Fuzzy swag as a Christmas gift... you can still live the dream! Yes, our holiday shipping deadlines have lapsed, and your order won't arrive until after the 25th. But that's OK! Just announce that your gift will be arriving... fashionably late... using this free, totally-not-sketchy-looking printable greeting card.

Click here for the full-sized printable PDF card!

(Or click here for the Black and White version)

See? I totally have you covered.

-Sam Logan

Dec 19, 2011

EDIT: Apologies for any confusion caused by the original version of today's comic, where Alphonso's panel-one speech balloon was accidentally pointed at Sam. Should be fixed now!


Just a reminder... If you want to get in on our next Book Club Bonus Pack, you have until tomorrow (the 20th) to pick up a copy of our newest book! More info about the club and the new bonuses can be found right here.

At this point, we can no longer promise pre-Xmas delivery on the book itself, but your free digital bonus goodies will email out on the 21st... making for a perfect announcement of a fashionably late gift!

-Sam Logan

Dec 16, 2011

Twitter Sketch-Off Challenge

Well, our Twitter Sketch-Off Challenge was a big success! I wound up putting together 21 drawings of the Sam and Fuzzy cast re-envisioned as videogame icons, all based on the suggestions of tweeting readers.

Click Here to view the Gallery of all 21!

Many of the drawings sold to their original suggestors, but we do still have a few of them left. They're available for $20 plus shipping... first come first serve! Just email me if you are interested in one. (I might not be able to answer right away, but I promise I'll offer the drawings to folks in the order I receive their emails.)

Also, just a reminder! If you want to get in on our next Book Club Bonus Pack, you have until next Tuesday (the 20th) to pick up a copy of our newest book! More info about the club and the new bonuses can be found right here.

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Brain Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"Have you ever considered how the Sam & Fuzzy universe would make the transition to video games? If so, how did you envisage it? Would the plot be based within the modern continuity of the strip? What kind of genre would it be? What would your stance be on fan-creations?" -Dan

I guess it would really depend on the scope of the game and the team working on it!

I mean, the tone of a story-driven comedy like Sam and Fuzzy would translate most accurately to a dialogue-driven point-and-click adventure game. I think, rather than setting it during any particular era or arc of the comic, I'd prefer it to follow an original (side?) story? After all, it's no fun knowing exactly how every moment of the story is going to go!

At the same time, I have a real affinity for the NES days, when nearly any franchise could and would be turned into a 2D platformer. It would be pretty fun to see Sam and Fuzzy similarly translated into the platformer iconography, with all the eras and styles and characters of the strip distilled into seven levels and a handful of big pixely items.

There's probably a lot of very specific moments or stories that could be translated into specific small, app-style minigames, too. It's pretty wide open.

My stance on fan creations is probably the same as most other webcartoonists -- as long as it is clear that it is not an "official" work, and as long as it isn't being made for profit, it's fine with me!

"Have you considered reprinting the Noosehead books?" -Daniel

I would love to publish books collecting all the past Sam and Fuzzy stories! But it's a massive and very expensive project, requiring either a ton of regular books, or a couple of extremely large ones.

I'll be totally honest... the best way to help make it happen is to pick up the books we currently have! Our ability to put out more than one book a year -- which is what we'd need to do to collect the rest of the archive -- is directly tied to how strongly and quickly the existing books continue to sell.

" Since you seem to keep a distance from the more "R" rated story lines I was wondering what your opinion was of Oglaf by Trudy Cooper and Anders Loves Maria by Rene Engstrom? I would really like to know your view on these two very mature yet very different styles. " -Brendan

I think they are great! "Mature content" isn't really a part of Sam and Fuzzy, but I've got no problem with it, whether it's being used to tell a painfully believable and brutally honest drama like Anders Loves Maria or just to tell a bunch of hilarious jokes like Oglaf. Heck, you can even use it for outright smut if it's gorgeously drawn and positive and fun like the comics Jess Fink and Amanda Lafrenais draw. Comics can tell any kind of story, and those artists are all masters of their genres and make the rest of us look like total chumps.

Long story short: I'm not keeping R-rated and adult stuff out of my work because I'm, like, totally squaresville.* I am just... leaving it to the professionals. You don't want me to embarrass myself, right? You have to play to your strengths, and my strength... is caves.

That's a wrap for this week, team. See you on Monday!

-Sam Logan

*I am, at most, 60% squaresville. Tops!