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Jul 21, 2003

I have purchased a Gamecube

Important! Read the instruction booklet before setup or use of your system! Veuillez lire le mode d'emploi avant d'installer ou d'utilser votre appareil.

Sam Logan

Jul 18, 2003

Hello and welcome to Bubbletown's happy zoo

People in the forum are colouring stuff again. I'd say they had too much free time on their hands, but then, whose the guy drawing who manages to draw three entire comics a week, basically for free? It sure isn't this guy.

I believe my guest strip is running at Ctrl Alt Delete today, unless I am horribly confused.

I don't get it. I make angel-food cake from the mix all the time. All you do is add water, mix, and put it in the oven. How can you screw that up? But for some reason, today I opened up the oven and the cake had risen 8 inches out of the pan. The top was scorched black and the bottom was still gooey. I was very sad.

Of course, I still ate it. But still!

Sam Logan

Jul 16, 2003

Richer butterscotch flavour

Well, the links section has been updated to more accurately reflect my current reading list. And now that all the other sections are complete, the shop is next on my agenda. Woohoo!

Sam Logan