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Guest: Rikk Estoban

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May 2, 2012

Chop chop

I hope you are all enjoying our current story... the climax of the Sam and Fuzzy Under the Influence volume! I've actually decided to chop this story into two chapters -- it's pretty much entirely an aesthetic decision, but it just felt like there was a clean conceptual break in there that was worth acknowledging with a new chapter title.

Anyhow, the first of these chapters concludes today, and the second half begins in full-force on Monday! In between, on Friday, we break for a slight stand-alone-comic intermission as I gear up for part two. (And TCAF!)

Speaking of TCAF... let's speak of TCAF! It's in Toronto this weekend, and as usual, I will be there! I will also be at the Topatoco-hosted welcome party on Friday night, although I'll be arriving a little late. (I'll be heading there straight from the airport!) If you are in Toronto, you absolutely have to go to these things. They are free, and they are awesome. It is the LAW.

-Sam Logan

Apr 30, 2012

Movin' right along

Thanks to everyone for a great show this weekend! It was great to see so many of you swing by the booth. My friends and I are spending today driving the long (but pretty) trek through the mountains home, but our hearts and brains are full of warm, Calgary-Expo based thoughts. True story!

Come back on Wednesday for the next instalment of our story. No comment on today's strip... I feel it really speaks for itself!

-Sam Logan

Apr 27, 2012

Calgary Comic Expo

Calgary Expo begins today! If you're going to be at the show, you can find me at booth #1122, standing behind the massive quantity of books, shirts, art, and other Sam and Fuzzy swag that I brought along. Just scroll down to the previous newspost if you're looking for instructions on how to find our booth on the floor!

Unfortunately, in the chaos that was the wind up to the convention this weekend, I wasn't able to put together a Q and A for this week. I'll try to make it up with an extra long Q and A next week! (Although actually, I'm doing a convention that weekend as well, so maybe I am just setting you up for terrible, terrible disappointment here.)

But what there definitely will be next week is comics! Come back on Monday for a strip you won't want to miss, team.

-Sam Logan