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Alexa, Pt. 2

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Jul 30, 2003

If you watch a game, it's fun. If you play at it, it's recreation. If you work at it, it's golf.

As I'm sure many of you already know, comedian Bob Hope passed away on Sunday. I'm not sure if there are many people as young as I that know of him; truth be told, I'm probably more familiar with his schtick through parodies of him than from his actual material. But that was the thing about Bob Hope -- he was an icon. It's no wonder, considering that over the course of his 100 years, Hope was at the forefront of vaudville, then broadway, then standup, then film, then television. His stage persona grew so big that today, even people who have never heard of him would probably still recognize his act. 'Oh right,' they'd say. 'That guy with the golf club who told jokes to soldiers and whatever.'

Bob Hope was big stuff. He was even bigger than Bob Hope. It's cheesy to say, but some people really do live on through our memories. Even a guy who was so old that they cancelled his blood type.


Sam Logan

Jul 28, 2003

Reading - it's when you look at books

Because I always enjoy making obscure continuity references, readers who are unfamiliar with Sam's experiences with the "bookstore woman" might want to check out these two strips. For readers who are familiar... look, a dog with a puffy tail!

Sam Logan

Jul 25, 2003

Tastes like chicken

Next Monday will mark the start of a brand new Sam and Fuzzy storyline. It's certainly the longest and most ambitious story I've done to date. I think you guys will like it.

I mean... you'd better.

If you've got a moment, I suggest you check out this Bleu guy. He's a pop-rock musician with huge sideburns, so you know he's got to be good.

Sam Logan