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May 18, 2012

Friends! (Especially Vancouver friends!) Could you do me a favour? I have written up a pretty good tumblr post about the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival. Any assistance pointing people in it's direction would be majorly appreciated!

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Timed Edition
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"Your response in the last Q&A made me curious. You said that Sam worked at X-Per-S Taxi for six months from the beginning of the comic to the time he got fired. How long had he been working there before the comic started? " -Robert

Sam worked at X-Per-S for about seven years total, starting shortly after he met Fuzzy and dropped out of college. (As seen in the ancient First Noel origin story.) I kind of view that time period of Sam's life as one very long, unambitious, slacker rut facilitated by Mr. Ackerman's inhuman tolerance and patience. After all, Sam wasn't even a good cab driver!

"I am trying to remember, but I don't think it has ever been specified where Sam and Fuzzy takes place. I know it takes place in America, and strip 1569 has a hospital truck listed as Newport. So can we assume that the city Sam, Fuzzy and Alexa live in Newport, Rhode Island? And before now, has it ever been specified exactly where in the US the main city takes place in?" -Tom

The long-unnamed home city of Sam and Fuzzy was actually first retroactively christened in this strip. (As an extremely tiny in-joke, it's new character Devahi who calls it by name, while Sam just refers to it generically as "the city".)

That said, I picked the name "Newport" because, like "Springfield", it's super ubiquitous. There are over 40 places named Newport in the United States alone! The Newport of Sam and Fuzzy isn't meant to be any real-life Newport specifically. I'm not even sure what state it's in. All that has really been confirmed in the comic is that it's coastal (probably west coast), that it's a couple of hours drive from a much larger city called Barkley, and that it has a few pretty large corporate offices in town. (And a television studio!)

"It’s probably a little late to bring it up if you are not, but are you or any of your webcomics cohorts planning on coming to the Denver Comic Con?" -Denver

Sadly, I am not! (I don't know of anyone else who is going, either, but I might just not have heard yet.) Are you going? Let me know how it is! I actually hadn't heard of it until recently.

Anyhow, that's a wrap for this week! Next week: VanCAF!

-Sam Logan

May 16, 2012

Vancouver Comic Arts Festival Next Week!

Exciting times: the innagural Vancouver Comic Arts Festival is only a bit over a week away! If you are going to be in or near Vancouver on the 26th or 27th, mark my words: you absolutely must attend this shindig. It is the law!

VanCAF is actually being organized by my wife, Shannon, who was sick and tired of hearing me and my comics friends grouse about how there wasn't a TCAF-styled free-to-attend comics festival in Vancouver. Fortunately for us all, she really stepped up to the plate, roping in an awesome slew of cartoonist exhibitors and guests to stuff into a really neat venue. And of course, the best is that anyone who wants to come can do so for free. (But be sure to bring some cash with you... there is going to be a lot of great comics and art on sale at this thing!)

From webcomics alone (because I know you guys like those), we've got my creator comrades from Questionable Content, Dr. McNinja, A Softer World, Wondermark, Boxerhockey, Tiny Kitten Teeth, Wasted Talent, Weregeek, Filibuster, Family Man/Bite Me, Three Word Phrase, and a ton of other online old hands and new talents. There are also a ton of super-talented folks from the print universe, like Camilla D'Errico, Nina Matsumodo, and Mike Deas. It's a pretty killer line-up for any show, let alone one in it's first year.

So Vancouverites and neighbours: come to VanCAF. Come for free! I only ask one thing of you -- please tell every human being you know about our show. And if you're coming, RSVP on Facebook to let us know! (It is hard to estimate crowd-size at a free show and we want to make sure we are prepared.) We don't have a huge marketing budget, but hopefully our awesome guest list and word of mouth will help get butts in the door and make this thing the success it deserves to be.

-Sam Logan

May 14, 2012

Arts and crafts

Oh boy! I really like going to conventions, but it sure feels nice to be kicking off a week that won't be spent either prepping for or recovering from a show.

Do you follow either my Tumblr or DeviantArt? I've been posting some fun recent commissions I've done, including a dinosaur petting zoo (!) and a massive Sam and Fuzzy Team Fortress 2 parody. The TF2 picture will actually also be one of the bonus desktops in our next Book Club Bonus Pack -- something for all you book owners to look forward to!

-Sam Logan