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Buddocalypse, Pt. 16

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Jun 11, 2012

Twitter Draw-Off this Friday

Friends! I am going to be doing another one of my (in)famous "Twitter Draw-Offs" this Friday -- where I pitch a theme to all you Sam and Fuzzy readers out there, then make a pile of drawings based on the suggestions tweeted in to me!

Last time, the theme was drawing the Sam and Fuzzy cast as famous fictional characters. As you can see, it was a ton of fun. But this time, I am going to try something a little different.

On Friday, I want to hear all your suggestions of Sam and Fuzzy characters as they would appear in strange alternate dimensions -- either pre-existing fictional universes or totally made-up ones. Perhaps Sam from a world populated by Lego people? Fuzzy from a hyper-gritty, realistic noire universe? Devahi from a savage land of pulpy dinosaur monsters? Conscience cat from a post-apocalyptic pirate cyborg future? Mr. Sin from a magical girl anime? Be creative! I'll pick the suggestions that are the most awesome and make them real.

I'll be drawing this Friday from 11 AM to 2 PM PST, and again from 3AM to 6PM. You can send in your suggestions then -- please don't send them until then, though! -- via twitter, and watch the drawing happen via my livestream video feed. Like last time, I'll be selling the finished drawings for $25, either to the person who suggested the idea or to the first other person who asks. It should be fun!

-Sam Logan

PS: If there is anyone out there who hasn't yet recieved their Book Club bonuses, but thinks they should have, just drop me a line and let me know!

Jun 8, 2012

Book Club Activated

Our latest bundle of Book Club bonuses have now emailed out to anyone and everyone who has ever picked up a copy of Sam and Fuzzy Are Very Famous! Is there anyone out there who should have recieved one and hasn't yet? Drop me a line and let me know. (But don't forget to check your spam filter first and make sure it wasn't accidently misidentified.)

I'm away from home today, and I accidently forgot to bring your Q and A questions with me! So if it's all right with all of you, I'll take a break this week and answer an extra couple next time. But in the meantime, enjoy today's comic... and, y'know, come back on Monday for another one and stuff!

-Sam Logan

Jun 6, 2012

Last day to nab our latest Book Club Bonus Pack

Just a reminder... our new Book Club Bonus Pack emails out tomorrow! Which means today is the last day to get in on it by purchasing a copy of our most recent book, Sam and Fuzzy Are Very Famous. If you do -- or if you already bought one earlier -- you should automatically receive your bonuses by email tomorrow. Hooray!

It's e3 this week! Kind of a subdued one for me, by some previous years' standards anyway. I'm always looking for that one brand new, truly unique title that really grabs my imagination, and this year, I'm not sure I've seen one. (Yet!) However, there was Rayman Legends. It's a sequel, but man, does it look fun. (With really interesting use of the Wii U's touch tablet controller thingy, too!)

-Sam Logan