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Alexa, Pt. 5

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Aug 6, 2003

Get down, get down, jungle boogie

In case you missed it, Sam's book-buying habit was explained previously in this strip.

As you have probably noticed, we've been having some serious problems with our current webhost, problems that have manifested as severe slowness and downtime. These problems should disappear completely within the next day or two, if they haven't already. Thanks for your patience!

Dayfree Press superstar Theater Hopper celebrated its one year anniversary yesterday. One year is a heck of a long time to be doing just about anything, let alone a stellar webcomic. And in other Dayfree Press news, I've popped a copy of my guest strip for Ctrl Alt Del into the gallery.

Finally, I got my copy of Ben Folds' Speed Graphic EP in the mail today, and it is rocksome.

Sam Logan

Aug 4, 2003

Bank holiday

Question: Are news stories like this true? And if they weren't... would it make any difference? Bless the bizarre and insignificant.

Sam Logan

Aug 1, 2003

Synergy 11

For some reason, while neither I nor anyone who lives in my neighbourhood could view the website for most of today, I can't find anyone from anywhere else in the world who had the same problem. Are you the exception? If you couldn't see the site earlier today, let me know! It would be extremely bizarre if readers from my neck of the woods were the only ones.

Because it is the start a new month, it is now the most effective time to vote for Sam and Fuzzy at Top Web Comics, if you're inclined to do that sort of thing. You will get absolutely nothing for doing it, though.

Except for HONOUR. Huah!

Sam Logan