Technically, this second guest strip for Questionable Content is Rikk Estoban's work, but since it features Skull Panda, I'm going to put it in here anyhow. Some QC readers reacted pretty violently to this one, and honestly, I don't blame them at all. But Rikk claims they don't understand the profound metaphorical depth and symbolic significance of the material. He had some other, more colourful things to say about them, too, but those don't need to be reprinted here.

September 2004

Finally, a guest strip of a reasonable length! Be warned, though... this comic, for Ryan Estrada's Gamer's Edge, builds on a running gag that was started by Ryan and continued by Michael Lalonde from Orneryboy. If you don't check out the preceeding strips, it might not make much sense to you! But even if you don't, you'll still probably enjoy the second appearance of those two stoned kids that first appeared in this Sam and Fuzzy strip.

August 2004

This guest strip, which borders on outright parody, was done for my good buddy and former extreme-arch-nemesis Jeph over at Questionable Content. I swear to god, these things just keep getting longer and longer.

July 2004

Some pretty bizarre events happen in each White Ninja comic strip. I thought it would be sort of interesting to show what happens after these events, and this is what I came up with. This guest strip reveals White Ninja's tragic backstory... it's certianly not one for the overly-emotional or faint-of-heart. Seriously.

July 2004

My second guest strip for John A's Scary Go Round is much better than the first one. You can never get enough of the brave and heroic friend bat! (On a somewhat boring technical note, this was also the first comic I ever drew that used two layers of cell shading instead of just one.)

June 2004

I made this giant guest comic for Little Gamers because I am certifiably insane. Also, I had just seen Kill Bill at the time. I tried to think of other, shorter ideas for a guest strip, but sometimes, when an idea gets into my head I just have to do it, even if it means killing off one of the comic's main characters.

December 2003

I drew this one for Abs when Ctrl Alt Del hit the one year mark. I thought it would be neat to draw some of my characters and some of his playing video games together... uh, so I did. This is likely the only drawing I will ever make that contains both Fuzzy and an Xbox.

October 2003

Yet another guess strip -- this one for Dayfree Press member Brian Caroll's Instant Classic. You really need to have read Brian's comic to fully appreciate the joke, but quite frankly, if you aren't already reading Instant Classic, you should be!

September 2003

I did this guest strip for fellow Dayfree Press-er Absath's Ctrl Alt Del, one of the few "gamer" comics that consistently makes me laugh. Length-wise, I might have gone a little overboard, but better overboard than... underboard. Yeah.

July 2003

My first guest strip ever! John A from Scary Go Round invited me to draw a strip as a part of his guest week, and I took him up on it because Scary Go Round is awesome. I felt kind of silly when it ran, because at that point, I had been the only one to put my own characters in the strip. Fortunately, Onstad did the same later, which made me feel a bit better. Still, I've avoided cameos in my guest strips ever since.

May 2003

A piece of fanart I drew for Jeff at Wigu, after he linked to my site. Jeff draws one of my favourite webcomics, and his link was basically responsible for about 90 percent of my regular readers in 2002. If you haven't read the comic, Topato is the star of a children's program that is the basis for many fine consumer products.

October, 2002


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