One of the great things about having a cartoonist for a friend is that on birthdays and major holidays he will probably cop out and draw you something instead of actually buying you a present. This Christmas, I did a bunch of little framed caricatures for my friends and family.

In the first column we have Sam and Fuzzy site coder Ashton riding his elephant to work, two fashion phases of Ben fighting with each other and Chris watching too much television. In the second we have Christine having a sandwich on an iceburg (for some reason), Cyrus playing paintball and my parents on some kind of camping trip with their trailer.

If you were ever wanting to commission me to do drawings of yourself or your friends, I guess this is what you could expect.

December 2003

This is the drawing I made for Alteka this Christmas. I didn't group it with the other drawings above only because it is not a caricature. I am certain that if cats ever did get giant robots, this is exactly what they would do with them.

December 2003

Have you ever wanted to know the secret origin of Ashton, website coder extrordinaire? Well, after you read this comic you will wish you hadn't.

November 2003

This is just an idea for a character that popped into my head one day. The first drawing was the design I finally settled on. The second drawing features an abandoned earlier design of the character, but it also features her two cats, which are probably my favourite outcome of the whole project.

November 2003

Sometimes when you draw something totally random it actually turns out pretty well.

November 2003

This is a photograph, taken by Ashton, of the Fuzzy jackolantern I made this year. It bit the children.

October 2003

One of my friends held a "goth party", which as you can probably imagine, people didn't take spectacularly seriously. The first drawing here was done with a dead brushpen -- hence the rough look -- and is of me and Alteka dressed up all spooky-like. It was meant to compensate for the fact that we actually didn't dress up at all, although I really did make a sign like the one around my neck in the drawing. It says "God DAMN what am I going to do about all my problems" -- a reference to one of my favourite online comics, Achewood.

The second drawing is of my friends Ash and Pat, who were actually dressed more or less as they are in this picture. Pat showed up to the goth party two hours late, wearing a giant green hat and a bright orange tshirt, hucking colourful star-shaped candies at people and screaming "happiness!" He's a pretty special fellow.

October 2003

Yes, sometimes I end up with drawings that I don't particularly like. I still think this was a neat idea for a picture, but it didn't really turn out the way I wanted it to. Perhaps I will try again later, or perhaps I will forget about it in favour of chewing on this eraser I just found.

October 2003

It's Sonic dressed up like a pilot! This was inspired by some weird stuff that Sonic Team put in the booklet for the 10th aniversary edition of Sonic Adventure 2, but honestly, you don't really need to hear about that. It's Sonic dressed as a pilot!

This drawing was coloured not by myself, but by the multitalented Alteka. She did a fabulous job of emulating the Sonic Team colouring style!

June 2003

When you do commission work for schools and businesses, you often get great straight-forward assignments like "draw a picture that shows diversity." This was an illustration that went with a presentation about how to make classroom environments more healthy. There were actually two pictures: this one, which shows the students not getting along, and then one where they are all cooperating. But you know how I feel about cooperation.

June 2003

Awwww look! It's a bucket full of bunnies! This was for my Mom. I don't generally draw things like this for myself.

April 2003

Back in the glory days of Thugserver, I did a couple of Counter-Strike-related comics. Since Thug isn't up anymore, I thought I'd repost these here. I blotted out a few naughty words in the second comic, because I like to feign a degree of concern for impressionable readers on this site.

March/April, 2003

A second drawing of the Clan Bubbles mascot. She is holding that gun completely incorrectly, which I think reflects the playing-style of my clan fairly accurately.

March, 2003

Another Counter-Strike related mascot, this character is one I designed for the website for my CS clan, Clan Bubbles.

You may be thinking that Bubbles is a terrible name for a Counter-Strike clan. This, however, is suiting, as I am a terrible Counter-Strike player.

March 2003

These are a couple of drawings I drew for my friend Hana, who has this thing for pandas. In the second drawing, I try to be John A.

Yes, I know the man doesn't own the copyright on that kind of art style. I'm just saying I was conciously trying to rip him off. Ha!

February, 2003

I drew a second picture of the Thugserver mascot for use on the site's main page, but it never got used. Which doesn't really matter now, since Thugserver has since been shut down (hopefully not permanently!)

January, 2003

I made this as a part of a Christmas present for my parents. It looks just like us.

Those are glasses, not giant bug eyes. We aren't aliens. Seriously.

December, 2002

My journalism class at the University of Victoria put together a magazine at the end of 2002. I drew this picture to accompany an article I wrote about older people who pirate music and movies using the internet. It drives me nuts that the "downloading file" reflection in his glasses is not reversed as it should be, but it was just too confusing the other way.

December, 2002

Everyone on Thugserver had an opinion about what the mascot should look like. I drew this comic to try and capture the experience. And also, to post it on the Thug admin forums and be really obnoxious.

December, 2002

Thugserver, my favourite Counter-Strike server, recently had a contest to design a server mascot. These were my entries. The kid crying with the awp was the first entry. Actually, now that I think about it, a drawing of a kid hold a sniper rifle probably seems kind of disturbing. But trust me, if you've ever played this game, you would have come into contact with at least a million whiny kids who use nothing but this weapon in the game.

Anyhow, I liked the kid, but I didn't think he had contest-winning material, so I thought I would unleash the power of breasts. Cheap? Perhaps! But that's how you play to win. Take notes!

November, 2002

This is a drawing I did for my friend Ben just before he moved to Vancouver. Back when he lived here, his basement was basically the official hangout for our group. Now, we have to hang out on street corners and sell drugs. Thanks a lot, Ben!

Before you even ask, we are playing a game called Super Monkey Ball for the Nintendo Game Cube. There is a mode of the game called Monkey Target, where you have to hangglide onto little islands without falling in the water. Ben is the one screaming, and our friend Ash is the one lying on the couch. I have no idea why I am saying delicious monkey.

October, 2002

Random character drawing. When I do character drawings like this, particularly when I draw women, I have a tendency to draw them with very blank, 'standard' expressions. With this drawing, I was trying to convey a sense of a personality.

I also ended up conveying a sense of folding. Do real clothes fold even half as much as these ones?

October, 2002

I play a videogame called Counter-Strike in which my screen name is Masked Cheese. I just made the name up off the top of my head one time, but it stuck. This was my attempt to make the concept seem a tad more threatening to the other players. I don't think it worked.

The background is a section of an actual level from the game, and I textured it with the actual textures from that level.

August, 2002

This is a drawing of the character Cube from the xbox game Jet Set Radio Future. The actual character is pale-skinned with dark hair and clothes, but I kinda like this red-tinted version better than my original drawing.

June, 2002

Once upon a time I had a Chinese History teacher foolish enough to allow me to do a comic for one assignment, and this is the result. If you have any kind of serious feelings towards Mao, Stalin, or communism, you probably shouldn't read this. But I know you will anyhow.

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May, 2002

I thought I'd take a crack at drawing one of my older characters. This is Rebound. She was a superhero who had a suit that let her bounce off of things at very high speeds.

August, 2002

I made this for my friend Ben's 19th birthday party. Evangelion, the cartoon from which Unit 2 is from, is one of his favourites.

April, 2002

You probably won't get the joke if you're not a fan of the Sega Dreamcast. After they stopped making Dreamcasts, lots of games in production were canceled and/or moved to other systems. The three kids are supposed to be the lead characters from Shenmue II, Soul Reaver 2, and Half Life. Now you know why I don't draw a gamer comic.

February, 2002

Another joke about the cancellation of the Dreamcast, although this one is about the fact that Sonic the Hedgehog games are now on the same system as his former arch-nemesis, Mario.

Until I made the filename for this comic, it never occurred to me that Sonic and Mario could be abbrieviated S&M! Oh, that's funny stuff.

February, 2002

Just a drawing of Sonic the Hedgehog that I happen to like.

February, 2002

Portrait of Sidney, the lead singer of Fuzzy's favourite band, Noosehead. I was originally going to do a portrait of every member of the band, but there are far too many of them.

October, 2001

From left to right: Me, Cyrus, Chris, Ben, and Darren. I have a strange power to make Ben laugh by saying things that make no sense.

September, 2001


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