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Guest Strip: Brian Carroll

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Jul 25, 2012

Today's strip by Instant Classic's Brian Carroll

Another dose of alternate Buddocalypse arrives today via mighty guest-strip-repeat-offender Brian Carroll! When Brian is not too busy working on movies and other stuff, he also crafts one of my longtime favourite webcomics, Instant Classic. (And he was even kind enough to loan me his IC character Litchfield for a story in our previous volume.) Thanks Brian!

Remember... O-GAWD brings a new strip every weekday! So come back tomorrow for our penultimate guest comic.

-Sam Logan

Jul 24, 2012

Today's strip by Love Me Nice's Amanda Lafrenais

Fact: Amanda Lafrenais, author of toon showbiz expose Love Me Nice, draws the most adorable Conscience Cat ever. For those with short memories, her strip builds on these two scenes from our previous story. It is practically canon!

Another new guest strip arrives tomorrow. See you then!

-Sam Logan

Jul 23, 2012

Today's strip by Dead Winter's Dave Shabet

We kick off week two of O-GAWD 8 with an epic reimagining from fellow epic-black-and-white-comics mastermind Dave Shabet! If you are not reading Dead Winter, you are seriously missing out, make no mistake!

The second half of our guest extravaganza will bring a brand new strip every day this week! So come back tomorrow for the next one. Or else.

-Sam Logan