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Even Closer, Pt. 1

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Oct 1, 2012

Art Auction ends Today!

Today, we flash back to "simpler" times... two days after the first fateful meeting of Sam and Fuzzy. (The meeting itself can be seen in the classic First Noel story and nearly seen at the end of Sam and Fuzzy Fix Your Problem.) Continuity nerds will remember that at this time in their lives, Sam was bombing his way through his first semester of university, while an entrepreneurial Fuzzy was trying to get back on his feet after being abandoned by Hazel two months earlier.

Today is the last day of my Sam and Fuzzy "Animal Kingdom" original art auction! As of right now the bidding rests at a reasonable $76, but I think with your help there's still a good chance we'll hit my initial goal of a cool billion dollars before the end of the day. (Funding the rest of my life and the lives of the next three generations of my family.)

-Sam Logan

Sep 28, 2012

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Candlestick Maker Edition
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"I noticed in Monday's Comic that Sam now along with Butcher has a dog named Baker Does that mean that we will see a third pet in the future named Candlestick Maker?" -Mitch

You're not the only one to ask that question, Mitch! Fortunately, Malcolm has the answer covered in today's strip.

No need to thank me!

"Speaking of only having a Six-Man-Help-For-Hire Outfit what does (or would) Archie think of the new Sam and the new and the new Ninja Mafia?" -Tom

The answer to your question is as relevant as it is forthcoming! (What?) Stay tuned.

"So, how is Sam getting used to purposefully hurting people? It seems like it should have taken longer for him to agree to Sin's plan, even if Sam knew he was going to double cross him later." -Jimmy

I suspect Sam would tell you that he isn't doing anything too bad to anyone who doesn't deserves it. Whether this is true or a comforting delusion remains to be seen.

I feel like, over the years, Sam's confidence and feelings of put-upon-ness have built up to a majorly self-righteous level. Losing everything was just the final push. I don't necessarily see all this rule-breaking and double-crossing as a sign of someone who has snapped, or turned evil, or who is trying to put on a tough act. I see it more as a sign of someone who has complete, unwavering faith in how right he is about absolutely everything, and is willing to act against anyone and anything that disagrees.

That's a wrap for this week, team! A new chapter begins Monday.

-Sam Logan

Sep 26, 2012

Art Auction

It's been awhile, but I've put a piece of original Sam and Fuzzy art up for auction! It's the original linework for the upcoming Sam and Fuzzy Under the Influence's book collection back cover.

As you can see, I went back in and added some hand-drawn colours and greys to ensure you can really feel that cave wall texture. Because you guys know how I feel about cave wall textures and the frequency of their situational appropriateness. (Always.)

Anyhow, if anyone would like to help fascilitate my continued cartooning habit and scoop up a one-of-a-kind piece of S&F history in the process, you know where to find it!

-Sam Logan