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Even Closer, Pt. 13

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Oct 29, 2012

Halloween Twitter Sketch-Off this Wednesday!

My next "Twitter Sketch-Off" -- where I pitch Sam and Fuzzy readers a topic and live-draw sketches based on their tweeted and emailed suggestions -- is this Wednesday! From 11am to 4pm, and from 7pm to mystery time (PST), you can watch me draw on my livestream, or just see the finish drawings as I post them on twitter.

This time around, Halloween is the theme, so I want to hear your picks halloween costumes for Sam and Fuzzy characters to wear. "Classic" costumes, monsters and demons, pop culture characters, sexy mortuary workers... whatever you can think of! Just pick a character and a costume, and tweet it to me. (When I'm actually drawing, please, not earlier, or I might miss it!)

As always, I'll be selling the finished drawings for $25 a piece to the first person who asks to buy 'em. But this time around, I'm adding a new wrinkle... the person who gives me the suggestion I like the most will win the resulting drawing for free. So be sure to hit me with your most creative, awesome suggestions!

-Sam Logan

Oct 26, 2012

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Varney Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"So l decided to start through the archives at the veeery beginning, as l have too much time on my hands, and l stumbled across this little gem. l noticed that Fuzzy was sidestepping his age. Since now we clearly know he doesn't remember anything, that just leaves me with one question: Whatever happened to the Kiwi Cola empire?

Or you could talk about the age thing, l guess" -Kyle

Pretty much from the beginning, I've treated Fuzzy as though his true origins were unknown and inexplicable. (Although of course, at the time it was more for practical reasons and comic effect!)

I'm always glad to hear when an old strip resonates well with a current story. I certainly can't claim that it's the result of me planning out the entire comic back in 2002. But when I finally did start constructing Fuzzy's backstory, I definitely looked back to the early years of the comic, and tried to write something that fit with what those old strips established.

"What's with the fox and lizard on the Save States shirt?" -Max

The coat-of-arms motif called for two shield-carrying animals, so in honor of the the two biggest gaming franchises of my youth, I picked a two-tailed fox and a saddled, long-tongued dinosaur. (Both of whom have plenty of in-game carrying experience.)

That design is loaded with nods to plenty of different classic console gaming series, some more subtle than others. If you're curious to read more about how I picked and designed them all, you should check out this tumblr post I made about it! There are a lot of words and pictures.

"Is that the Varney the Vampire in Fridays strip? Like the one who threw himself into Mt. Vesuvius? Not that I question him still being around after the whole throwing himself into a volcano, he's got that token Pulp immortality to the point where it wouldn't surprise me if he got better from a mild case of falling into a volcano. I'd just be kind of surprised you read them because those stories are pretty old and were pretty terribly written to boot." -practicallyevil

We can all thank my lovely wife Shannon for naming Varney. He is, of course, named after the classic Victorian penny dreadful character, who despite being outrageously popular in his time is now almost completely forgotten. (A fate that I can't help hoping will be shared by more than a few currently famous fictional vampires... ha!)

That's a wrap for this week, gang. See you on Monday!

-Sam Logan

Oct 24, 2012

I'm So Excited About Whatever

Over on my tumblr, I posted a little bit about the design process for the new "I'm So Excited About Whatever" shirt. And I'm going to try to do similar posts for "Winners Don't Use Save States" and "Shoulda Ordered Pizza" later this week. ("Save States" in particular went through a lot of different concepts.)

I like using tumblr to share this kind of behind the scenes production stuff! If you're interested in seeing previous posts about design process -- like for the Volume 3 book cover or my big Green Lantern parody piece -- you can find them all here.

Thanks to everyone who has been picking up the new books and swag! (Or the old books and swag, for that matter.) I feel super privileged to be able to do what I do for a living, and you guys are the reason why I can do it!

-Sam Logan