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Teddy's Xmas Intermission

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Dec 26, 2012

Present Bear in the Land of the Snow Elves

We pause our current storyline briefly for a couple updates of special holiday nonsense!

As some long-time readers may have gathered, I am inordinately fascinated with a particular kind of TV Christmas Special: the kind that adamantly refuses to tap into either Christian or secular traditional holiday mythology. No Jesus, wisemen or drummer boys; no Santa, reindeer or snowmen... just some totally original story that only minorly grazes a handful of holiday symbols or themes in the vaguest way possible.

The most common of these are the Christmas specials for an established fantasy series -- be it the Star Wars or How to Train Your Dragon -- where real Christmas can't actually exist, so a Christmas-esque holiday has to be invented. But the truly special ones, like Present Bear in the Land of the Snow Elves, are based on absolutely nothing whatsoever. (I would list some real-world examples, but it's been so long since my childhood-self watched any of them that they have all kind of blurred together into... well, into something that greatly resembles the special in today's comic, actually.)

We return on Friday! See you then, team.

-Sam Logan

Dec 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Our current tale of vampires and committee intrigue will continue shortly! But as is the traditional in these parts around this time of the year, I'm going to pause the story temporarily to do some fun festive one-off strips for the next couple of updates. The first will arrive on Wednesday. See you then, team!

-Sam Logan

Dec 21, 2012

Book Club Bonus Time

The new bundle of free Book Club bonuses has been emailed out! If there is anyone who bought a copy of Volume 3 and didn't receive their bonuses, let me know! (But be sure to check the email account that you used to place your order, and also to make sure it didn't wind up in your spam filter.)

On Monday, once I'm sure I've got every book owner accounted for, I'll be picking one of you at random to win the book's original cover art. I'll announce the winner here on the site next week, so stay tuned.

That's a wrap for today, I think. I'm a bit too bogged down by holiday madness to do a Q and A this week. But for a fun side bonus, check out this fun collaborative art project me, Tyson Hesse, and Steve Lecouilliard made for Shannon!

Bigger pictures on my Tumblr!

-Sam Logan