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Fangs for Nothing, Pt. 36

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Feb 4, 2013


Traveling back home from Gottacon today! Thanks to everyone who came by the booth at the show and said hello.

In other news, I've been thinking that it's time to do another one of my infamous Twitter Sketch-Offs! (Where I spend an afternoon drawing pictures based on the suggestions people tweet in.) I'm just trying to pick an appropriate theme. In the past, I've drawn the Sam and Fuzzy characters dressed in halloween costumes, or cast as famous film or video game characters, or transformed into superheroes, or redesigned to look how they'd appear in various alternate universes. What do you think would be a fun new theme to apply to the S&F crew this time? Or should we revist an old one? Let me know what you think!

-Sam Logan

Feb 1, 2013

Gottacon Starts Today!

Victoria, BC-based Sam and Fuzzy readers! From today 'til Sunday, my pal Alina and I will be appearing at Gottacon! You can find us during normal human hours at our big booth right in the middle of the hall, where we will be peddling books and shirts and drawing a ton of stuff. Woo!

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Vampires, Cyborgs, and Ninjas Edition
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"So, in panel two of Fangs for Nothing, Pt. 32, Ms. Potts is about to bite another vampire. What would happen if she did? Would they burst into glitter and ash? Or bite back? Maybe turn into a were-puppy? Just wondering." -Allison

Alas, she was K.O.'d with a chair before we got a chance to find out! But maybe we'll get to see in a future story.

Many of you emailed to ask why Ms. Potts would try to feed on other vampires. The short answer is, her impulse to bite (in that scene, at least) isn't really being driven by a hunger for blood... just a hunger for indulging in terrible biting/sex metaphors.

You said in this Q&A that Aaron used his robot hand screwdriver to test Bonus�s robot clone-ness, but I thought the only thing he had in his hand was a bottle opener! Did he upgrade his robot hand between these strips or what?-Alex

I actually meant to say the bottle opener! It's the bottle opener in the DNA-testing comic. I just got confused when I looked back at it because the way I drew it made it look kind of like a screwdriver. You can tell I don't use a lot of bottle-openers in real life!

"Why hasn't Gertrude ever worn a mask?" -Anthony

Gertrude was born into the "ninja aristocracy", and never actually held any kind of real position or rank within the mafia itself. She aspired to be appointed to the high council after she graduated from university, but as we saw in her origin story, that didn't really work out.

In the new Ninja Mafia, Gertrude is more of a... outside contractor, than an actual rank-and-file commander. After all, can you imagine Gert swearing an oath of allegiance to emperor Sam? She's there strictly by choice, to help him out. And she doesn't have any real need to conceal her identity. So, she doesn't wear a uniform, and she doesn't wear a mask!

-Sam Logan

Jan 30, 2013


I've been reading the heck out of Blacksad this week! It's an outrageously gorgeous detective noire created by a pair of former Disney animators, and I urge every red-blooded comic-lover in the audience to check it out. I know for some people, the combination of a) animal people and b) adult situations will set off warning sirens, but they aren't needed here. Indeed, I am quite confident that Blacksad can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of whether or not they like to spend their free time having sex while wearing a moose costume.

OK... back to getting ready for Gottacon! Come back on Friday for a new comic and a new round of reader Q and A.

-Sam Logan