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Tangent, Pt. 1

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Feb 19, 2007

Insert credit

Will Sam and Fuzzy be returning in this story? I think they might!

I know a female emperor is actually an empress... but I guess Gertrude's mom doesn't. Besides, if Gertrude became an empress "just like her great-grandfather," it'd sound more like she was becoming a drag queen than a crime lord!

I'm glad so many of you enjoyed the "Return of the King" storyline. It had a kind of unusual genesis, as far as comics here go. I can still remember waaay back when I was first telling Claire my first ideas for Sidney's post-sniped future. "His death will faked by Sin Records," I said. "He'll be trapped on a crazy island as an homage to The Prisoner, it'll be great!"

"So," Claire said, "He's going to be trapped on this island with other musicians? Neat!"

I was kind of astounded. Claire had just assumed the island would have other musicians on it. But up until that point, I'd envisioned it as a prison solely for Sidney. I'd never even thought to put other 'dead' performers there! But once we started talking about it, we both could see her idea was way to good to pass up.

Claire likes to tease me about how I never like to take suggestions from anybody when I'm writing. I'm still pretty stubborn that way, but this was one time where I made an exception to the rule. So, I just wanted to make sure I took a minute to give her some credit! She's a pretty clever lady, you know.

Sam Logan

Feb 16, 2007

The King is dead, long live the King

Hi gang! I'll keep this short because I'm still sick. (Unfortunately!)

Tune in on Monday for the start of our next storyline. This is one that I think long-time readers -- or newer ones who have read through the full comic archive -- are really going to enjoy. (But I promise everyone else will dig it too!)

I have a lot of fun stuff to say about the development of "Return of the King," but I'll save that for when I'm in better health. (Hopefully Monday!)

There were brackets in every one of those paragraphs! That's pretty impressive. (I think.)

Sam Logan

Feb 14, 2007


No newspost today, team. I'm afraid that I've come down with the flu! Hopefully it will have run its course by Friday. Yuck!

Sam Logan