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Identity Crisis, Pt. 16

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Mar 18, 2013

Dark times

Just a reminder... the next batch of Book Club bonuses email out on Saturday, free to anyone and everyone who has a copy of my third book, Sam and Fuzzy Under the Influence. (If you'd like to score this bonus swag and haven't picked up a copy of the book, just nab one before Saturday and you'll be all set!)

This time around, I have two desktops, plus an inside look at a really weird old cancelled Sam and Fuzzy project that was going to look like this:

I'll also be including a poll where you can vote to determine what one of the next bonus desktops will be! So Book Club members: email me your ideas for future bonus desktop you'd like me to make -- character pin-ups, parodies, scene recreations, super-deep continuity references, or whatever else you think would be cool. I'll pick my favourite suggestions and include them in the poll.

-Sam Logan

Mar 15, 2013

Hey Book Club members! Do you have an idea for a future bonus desktop you'd like me to make? Email me your coolest desktop ideas... character pin-ups, parodies, scene recreations, super-deep continuity references... whatever concepts you want to see most!

I'm going to pick my ten favourite ideas and put them in a poll that will be included with the next bonus pack. (Which mails out on March 23rd!) Whichever idea gets the most votes from your fellow Book Club members will be made into reality by me, and included in the next bonus pack. Woo!

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Ending Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"Do you have a definite ending planned for Sam and Fuzzy? If so, how
long do you think it will be until we reach the ending?" -Juliette

I have a very definite big ending planned for the big story arc that started with Sam and Fuzzy Fix Your Problem. I'm not entirely sure exactly how long it's going to take to get there, but at this point, we're closer to the end of it than we are to the beginning. (We've still got a ways to go yet, though, so don't panic!)

In the past, I've followed up each finished "big" arc with a new one that takes the comic in a different direction. But when this one is over, I think it'll be a finale worthy of ending on... at least as far as Sam and Fuzzy themselves are concerned. I have ideas for other stories in the Sam and Fuzzy universe that I'd like to pursue, though. (I've accumulated a pretty enormous supporting cast of characters to work with, after all.) And I've got a bunch of non-Sam and Fuzzy-related comics I'd like to work on, too! So even once the strip does end, there will still be plenty to look forward to. Promise!

"I was trying to explain Conscience Cat to a friend and I realized that I do not know conscience cat's gender. I tried to find the answer in some old comics, but all I found was this comic where Dr. Crab calls him Felix which kinda implies that Conscience Cat is male. Can you tell me what the cat's gender is, or is that a crazy secret to be shockingly revealed later in the story?" -Patrick

I guess I think of Conscience Cat as being male, but to be honest, his gender is so irrelevant to his character that it's really just an exercise in picking a pronoun to stick with!

"Now that Nic has some successful songs going, has she chosen a permanent name for the band?" -Jimmy

She has! The name is: Noosehead.

I know.

That's a wrap for this week, team! See you on Monday.

-Sam Logan

Mar 13, 2013

Original Artwork for sale

To create a slightly less haphazard means of selling my original artwork, I've opened up a little Sam and Fuzzy Etsy shop. My original marker drawings have been doing really well for me at conventions, but I wanted to find a way to give my online readers a shot at them, too... so here it is!

Of course, if what you're looking for is a custom piece of artwork, you can still commission me as always. (Just drop me an email.) The Etsy store is strictly for work I have already drawn, either because I needed to (like when I'm sketching redesign concepts) or because my brain just doesn't ever let me stop drawing ever for any reason.

-Sam Logan