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Double Jeopardy, Pt. 6

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May 10, 2013


The Toronto Comic Arts Festival starts tomorrow! As always, you can find me on the second floor, nestled among my Topatoco comrades and a bunch of other cool web and indie comiers. I've come to your fair city bringing a bunch of books and shirts, and I'm hoping to draw some commissions as well... so if you're in town, do come by and say hi! (After all... TCAF is free to attend!)

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Shifty Edition
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"We don't know much about the underground but are there more shape shifters like Jess walking about? Also, Jess has been impersonating X for a long time. Has she been doing bad ass ninja stuff during this time? And if so, how does she have the skills/experience to do it?" -Tom

Jess is not the only of her kind -- her kind being giant slug people, apparently -- but there aren't a ton of them, and not all of them can shapeshift. (Or shapeshift as well as she can.) Like a lot of the creatures and organizations in Sam and Fuzzy, I've come up with a lot of background info about them that, honestly, will probably never come up in the comic at all. But you never know! Even if it doesn't wind up being S&F relevant, I might have other stories to tell in this universe later.

Jess has indeed been fully impersonating X for a long time. Exactly how she's been pulling it off is going to come up in future comics, but, uh... let's just say it hasn't been as difficult as you might think.

"But in this strip, we see Mr. X rampaging around well after the incident at Fuzzy's studio, and he is still wearing his old mask that leaves his mouth exposed! If Mr. X is actually Jess Starr at this point in the story, how did she stay disguised during the daytime without wearing a mask that covered her entire face?"

When the bottom half of X and/or Y's face is exposed, it's just because they've rolled it part-way up.. it's not actually a different mask. In this case, she can have the mask rolled up because they are indoors. (I drew the hallway extra dark specifically to combat sticklers later... ha!) We'd just come off a story where Y was briefly impersonated by Hazel, so I wanted to show Jess-X with the mask up at least once post-hospital stay to dispell anyone's suspicions.

Side note: there's a fairly prominent easter egg present in all of Jess-X's appearances. I know from my email inbox that several of you have already noticed it. Everyone else: it's still there for you to find!

We return on Monday. See you then, team!

-Sam Logan

May 8, 2013

Star power

You remember Jess, right? Of course you do. After all, she appeared in three whole strips, over three-and-a-half years ago. Geeze! (And the incident at Fuzzy's studio that Sin refers to is, of course, this one.)

We have landed in Ontario to visit with family for a couple of days before powering up for TCAF this weekend. See you soon, Toronto!

-Sam Logan

May 6, 2013

TCAF week: the week of TCAF

Busy times this week! Why? First off: it's almost TCAF time! And that means flying out to Toronto for the latest iterations of one of my favourite comic events of the year. (Hope to see you there, Torontonians!)

I've also been pretty busy working on some classic-leaning Sam and Fuzzy art for an upcoming... thing. I've been posting a bunch of the in-progress stuff on my tumblr, if your curious! There are some familiar old faces to be seen.

-Sam Logan