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Double Jeopardy, Pt. 1

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Apr 29, 2013

Expo'd out

Thanks for another great show, Calgary! Today, we trek back home through the mountains. In the meantime, enjoy today's comic... the start of a brand new storyline!

-Sam Logan

Apr 26, 2013

Calgary Expo starts today

Let it never be said that I don't provide you with loads of educational content!

We are at Calgary Expo this weekend. So if you're going to be at the show, do stop by booth 1122 and say hello! I have come with a massive load of books, t-shirts, and prints, and I'm hoping to draw a ton of original art as well. Let's do this!

-Sam Logan

Apr 24, 2013

Calgary Expo

I wanted to break for a couple of goofy stand-alone gag breathers before we jump into our next story. And so: SHIPWREX. (This comic, of course, builds on Fuzzy's greatest work of art.)

Tomorrow, Shannon and I set off for our annual trek through the Canadian rockies to the Calgary Comic Expo! Calgary is my favourite show of the year, not just because of the great show itself, but also because of the beautiful drive. (And the optional side trip to Drumheller to look at dinosaur bones!)

As usual, I will be splitting a booth with Alina from Weregeek -- booth 1122, to be precise! Here's a map, should you require it:

-Sam Logan